Beloved Cap Kipas Udang Founder Passes Away At The Age Of 100

Datuk Lambak Mohamed was the person behind the famous Habhal's line of soy sauce.

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The founder of Cap Kipas Udang, Datuk Lambak Mohamed, passed away at the age of 100

The centenarian took his last breath at his home in Johor Bahru yesterday, 12 May, reported Bernama.

He leaves behind his 94-year-old wife Datin Rogayah Jusoh and 12 children - as well as a legacy of products, such as cooking sauces, kaya, and its Habhal's line of soy sauce.

"He hadn't any medical problems and was enjoying good health," said his grandchild Amiza Abdul Aziz.

According to Amiza, Lambak was laid to rest at Tanah Perkuburan Kebun Teh at around 12.30pm on Tuesday.

Many Malaysians and customers abroad grew up loving Lambak's products, which have been distributed by Zara Foodstuff Industries Sdn Bhd since 1987.

Datuk Lambak Mohamed.

Image via Twitter @NewsBFM

The line of products Zara Foodstuff Industries Sdn Bhd produces.

Image via Cap Kipas Udang/Facebook

Following his passing, many Malaysians took to Twitter to commemorate the revered soy sauce founder

"Thank you, sir, for the best kicap ever! Even though it is expensive, but Cap Kipas Udang is still number one," tweeted a fan of the soy sauce.

"Thank you for the sweet soy sauce. Kicap manis Cap Kipas Udang is my favorite kicap and no other kicap manis can replace it," added another person.

One Twitter user said, "This year, Allah took back two people who were famous their Johor-Muslim products, Jalen Kicap and Cap Kipas Udang."

"May they be blessed by Allah for their efforts in uplifting halal products. Al-fatihah."

In February, the founder of Jalen Kicap passed away at the age of 82:

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