47-Year-Old Spent 13 Years Sleeping In A Tomb Alongside His Dead Friend

A homeless man has lived inside a cemetery tomb with the skeleton of his best friend for the past 13 years. What's more is that he “asked permission” from his dead pal to live in the crypt with him.

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Fabio Beraldo Rigol lives and sleeps in an open crypt in Santa Isabel, Brazil. Here's why.

Fabio Biraldo Rigol came upon tough times 13 years ago when his business in Santa Isabel, Brazil, went under and he started using drugs. Luckily, his best friend took him in — into his crypt.

Fabio Beraldo Rigol sleeps in the crypt alongside his dead friend in Santa Isabel, Sao Paulo

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The 47-year-old has been living with his pal's skeleton in a cemetery tomb since then, leaving only to head into town to beg for food.

He claims his family "disowned" him so he asked his dead pal, who'd died some years before, if he could move in.
And he says the crypt, which has space for six bodies, provides perfect shelter from the rain, cold and muggers.

"I'm more afraid of the living than the dead," he told the Mirror. "It gets a bit quiet here sometimes, but I'm not a big talker, so it suits me. I’m not very good around living people."

"When it's raining I stay inside. I never want for anything. When I need people there is always someone who gives it to me. God never lets me go hungry," added Popo, as he is nicknamed.

Fabio claims he has not seen any spirits and is not scared about sleeping in the dark with a dead body

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As to how he ended up in the graveyard, Rigol offered his explanation:

“I had to leave the house, and I ended up wandering the streets. One night it was raining hard. I don’t remember how, but when I woke up I was here in the graveyard,” Rigol said.

The former office worker said he hopes to get his own home one day and find a job

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The 47-year old homeless man said he doesn’t plan on staying in the graveyard “permanently,” joking that he “wants to get out alive” one day and have his own house.

“I want to get out of here alive,” Rigol said. “I still want to have my own house, even if it’s just a bedroom and a bathroom. I want to go back to work if there’s a chance. My live hasn’t finished yet.”

Rigol leaves the crypt to beg for food in the town center, and lives off the charity of strangers.

“I never want for anything,” Rigol claims. “When I need people there is always someone who gives it to me. God never lets me go hungry.”

He has seen many funerals which he admits leaves him depressed

'I do not like to see them. I prefer to remember the people as they were, bright and happy,' he said.
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Mr Rigol said he knows the cemetery like the palm of his hand and often wanders through the burial site trying to see if he recognises any of the names interred there.

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