After Making Sexist Remarks, Bung Moktar Issues Death Threats To Protestors In Parliament

After protestors barged into his home compound demanding for an apology over his sexist remark, Bung Moktar Radin got into a shouting match with other MPs when they rebuked him for his choice of words during a Parliament session.

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For someone who is no stranger to making controversial remarks, he sure can't take the heat. A protest staged against Datuk Bung Moktar Radin led to the Kinabatangan MP losing his cool in Parliament on 17 June, issuing death threats and shouting at other MPs in attendance.

Screencap from 'Bung Moktar Blows His Top' video.

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It all started when Bung Moktar made a sexist remark against Ampang MP Zuraida Kamaruddin in Parliament on 9 June, saying that her "aggressive behaviour" will frighten her husband. Deputy speaker Ronald Kiandee let him off the hook when Bung Moktar explained that he had no bad intentions towards Zuraida.

According to the parliamentary Hansard for June 9, Bung Moktar had said, "Saya bimbang. Saya tengok laki dia di rumah takut macam ini keadaan. (I am worried. Her husband will be frightened if the situation is like this.)"

Bung Moktar then went on to say his intention was only to calm down Zuraida - who he claimed was behaving aggressively - so that she would have a happy household.

"I am concerned if she brings her aggressive behaviour back home. If 'no', then Alhamdulillah; if 'yes', then her man will be suffering," he said.

"She is well-known... she was called mak lampir (vampire or ghost) in the newspapers," he added.

Deputy Speaker Ronald Kiandee did not punish Bung Mokhtar, stating that the MP’s intention was to reprimand Zuraida.

The Ampang MP felt Bung Mokhtar had violated the Parliament’s Standing Order 37(4) for touching on private matters and uttering sexist remarks.

In protest of Bung Moktar's remarks and the deputy speaker's inaction, a group of about 50 demonstrators gathered in front of Parliament on the morning of 17 June to demand an apology. The group - allegedly led by Zuraida - then moved the protest to Bung Moktar's home in Gombak.

A group of several dozen women from Wanita PKR and some men held up placards at the protest, calling for Bung to apologise for his sexist remarks.

"He has insulted all women everywhere. This is not the first time he has insulted women. He must resign and apologise," said Ampang Wanita PKR chief Salmah Ismail.

"He says what he wants and hides inside Parliament. It is a disgrace to the House that the Speaker did nothing," said Wanita PKR deputy chief Haniza Talha at the rally.

"This is the fifth or sixth time he has uttered sexist remarks in the house and yet no action has been taken against him so far, enough is enough," Zuraida told the crowd.

"Real men care about women, and Bung Mokhtar is not a real man. He taints the Parliament through his actions and should not be allowed in the house," she added.

Bung Moktar had no issue with the protest being held outside the Parliament gates, but blew his top when it was brought to his home. Hence, he demanded that Zuraida be referred to the Dewan Rakyat's rights and privileges committee for disciplinary action at Parliament later that day.

"A group of women from Ampang intruded into my home today. They were holding banners and shouting 'reformasi', among others," he said during the debate on the Development Financial Institution (Amendment) Bill 2015.

Interrupting a speech by Pandan MP Rafizi Ramli, Bung, the MP for Kinabatangan, could not hold his emotions in and shouted, “Whatever that is said in Dewan (Rakyat) has to be resolved inside it. Don’t take it outside. Don’t bring my family into it. Don’t be biadap (rude)!

Bung Moktar began to lose his cool and suggested that "someone would be dead" if he had been at home at that time, even going as far as to shout at rival MPs who protested his choice of words

If you want to protest, let it end here. But you went to my house and they trespassed. Lucky I was not there, because if I was, someone would be dead!

“Don’t you dare mess with my family, when you come to my home and disturb my family, its personal!” Bung thundered.

Following this, Hee Loi Sian (PKR-Petaling Jaya Selatan) stood up to protest against Bung Moktar's choice of words, leading to a shouting match.

"If you are jantan (man enough), what they did was biadap (insolent). I am angry because my house has been harassed [...] You shut up, bangsat! "If you try (this stunt) again, (if) you intrude again, we see who is left alive," he warned.

There's even a video of Bung Moktar's meltdown here:

The tense situation was eventually placated by Dewan Rakyat Speaker Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia, who dismissed Bung Moktar's application after lecturing the MPs on their immature behaviour

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Intervening to break the ensuing war of words, Speaker Pandikar Amin Mulia reminded everyone that the immature behaviour displayed by parliamentarians was causing the people to lose faith in their leaders.

The Speaker also asked all parties to calm down, and for the matter to be resolved amicably.

Pandikar then reminded all the MPs present that the potential for tempers to flare was high if they continue to use personal attacks instead of debating policies professionally.

Pandikar refused to refer Zuraida to the disciplinary committee, ruling the dispute between the two MPs resolved since he had already reprimanded all MPs on their lack of professionalism.

Speaking to reporters after the debacle, Bung Moktar expressed his disappointment at Zuraida and the protestors' actions, saying that he also has followers who may do the same to the Ampang MP

“I am disappointed by the behaviour of Ampang,” he said, referring to her by her seat.

“She often claims to be of high dignity, of high self-respect, but her actions says otherwise. To me her action was rude, uncivilised,” he added.

"I urge her to stop such things. I have followers too, (such action may causes them to) besiege her house. Scuffles may occur and it may become a big issue," he said.

He added that the protestors barging into his home, which was not fenced due to renovations, had scared his wife. He also remarked that he is not willing to meet Zuraida, saying, "I will forgive, but I won't forget."

He added his wife was at home when the group arrived and they even marched into the compound as the front gate of the house was taken down to allow renovation.<

"I was shocked, this has never happened since I became MP."

“If they demonstrate outside Parliament, it’s okay, but not at someone’s home. This is inappropriate. It needs to stop immediately. My wife was afraid, seeing them shouting at my house," he said.

When asked if he's willing to meet Zuraida, he responded: "I will not meet Zuraida face to face. She is not qualified. Ramadan is coming, I will forgive Zuraida, but I will never forget."

As for his remark towards Zuraida, the Kinabatangan MP refuses to apologise for nor retract his statement as he believes that it is not sexist.

“I did not intend to make statements that are derogatory to women. In my constituency, I defend women, and look after the welfare of single mothers,” said Bung.

“All I said was if this is her behaviour outside (of her house), condemning people, then I pity your husband… what is sexist about that?” Bung asked.

Asked if this meant he felt women should not be aggressive when debating, Bung said: “You can be aggressive. But not condemn people aggressively”.

This is not the first time Bung Moktar was accused of making sexist remarks, particularly towards female MPs:

And who can forget that one time he likened the German football team to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler during last year's World Cup?

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