A Cat Was Allegedly Crushed To Death By ATM Shutters In Johor Bahru

The Malaysia Animal Association believes that the cat was being held down while the shutters rolled.

Cover image via Persatuan Haiwan Malaysia - Malaysia Animal Association (Facebook)

Disclaimer: This story contains disturbing photos. Viewer discretion is advised.

A cat was found dead under a roller shutter at a bank in Taman Tampoi Utama, Johor Bahru on Monday, 14 December

In a statement posted yesterday, 14 December, the Malaysia Animal Association (MAA) said they were informed of the incident at around 4.30am by the public.

The MAA believes this was an act of intentional animal cruelty.

According to the association, the perpetrator appears to have held the cat in place while the shutters were slowly rolling down to pin its neck

They allege that the incident occurred at 12am as the shutters roll down automatically.

"Each bank will close the ATM shutters at 12am and will only reopen at 6am," the statement reads.

"Cats will not remain at one location if there are noises. The loud sound of the shutters would have scared the cat away."

Netizens were shocked over the incident, while some were also in agreement that someone deliberately killed the cat

Image via Facebook

"I'm 100% sure that this was a treacherous act. Anyone who is used to cats will know that they're easily scared or sensitive to loud sounds and big moving objects."

Image via Facebook

"Yes. Cats will run away if there are loud noises. It's sad that we are human but actually behave like animals."

Aside from requesting CCTV footage from the bank, witnesses were also asked to come forward in order to track down the perpetrator

Should you have any information on the incident, please contact MAA by sending them a WhatsApp message at +6011-20901097.

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