Child Falls Into Kinta River While Riding Electric Toy Car At Amusement Park

The electric toy car rides have been temporarily halted while an investigation into the incident is underway.

Cover image via Majlis Bandaraya Ipoh (Facebook) & Perak Press (Facebook)

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A child fell into the Kinta River while riding an electric toy car at an amusement park in Ipoh, Perak

The accident last night, 8 May, happened at the Kinta Riverwalk amusement park and was caught in a now viral 29-second video.

According to Bernama, the parents' quick action rescued the child, with help from members of the public. 

The video shows the toy car that had fallen into the river and several people climbing down at the river edge to rescue the child, before the toy car was swept away by river currents.

Based on the clip, at least one person sustained injuries while saving the child

An ambulance and paramedics were at the scene and provided treatment to a man who had an injury on his leg. He was later taken away on a stretcher in the video.

As for the child, it is not clear whether they were hurt in the fall. The age and gender of the child were also not available as of writing.

Meanwhile, operation of the children's electric toy car rides at the Kinta Riverwalk has been halted due to the incident

A probe has also been launched into the incident by the Ipoh City Council (MBI).

"Following the incident, MBI has issued an order to close the operation of the children's electric toy car rides beginning today (9 May)," Ipoh mayor Datuk Rumaizi Baharin was quoted as saying by Bernama.

It was also reported that a company was appointed by MBI on 1 January this year to run activities for children at the amusement park and had set safety guidelines to operate.

You can view the full video here:

#Ipoh Seorang kanak-kanak terjatuh ke dalam sungai semasa menaiki mainan bermotor di Amusement Park, Kinta RiverWalk, Ipoh malam ini. Kanak-kanak tersebut berjaya diselamatkan dengan tindakan pantas ibu bapanya serta bantuan orang ramai.

Posted by Perak Press on Sunday, May 8, 2022

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