Mount Kinabalu Climbers Get Called Out For Littering Its Peak With Scribbled Notes

We can do better than this, guys. :(

Cover image via Facebook

A group of climbers were recently called out for leaving pieces of paper scribbled with their names on Mount Kinabalu

Facebook user Wilson LS Thaddeus shared the discovery in a public Facebook page on Sunday, 17 March, which has since gone viral with over 1,100 shares.

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

Addressing the names on the papers, Thaddeus told the group to not leave trash on the mountain in future

He wrote: "[Whoever] you are, we never know if this is a new trend for taking a pictures of your names (or other people's names) on the mountain, but please bring this [down] next time. Don't just simply leave it up here (sic)."

Image via Facebook

He also reminded the public to avoid littering and to keep the environment clean

"To you people out there, if you guys [plan] to scale the mountain please don't do this. What's going up have to going down. Take nothing but photographs, keep nothing but memories, leave nothing but footprint (sic)," he added.

Image via Facebook

Read the full post here.

Well said, bro.

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Malaysians, the least we can do is to clean up after ourselves like these guys:

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