M'sians Shocked At "Fully-Furnished" Tiny Capsule Rooms For Rent In Cyberjaya

"It's like I'm voluntarily putting myself in a f---ing hamster cage," a Twitter user wrote.

Cover image via Twitter

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The cost of living in big cities such as, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Selangor, and Cyberjaya is undeniably expensive

One Malaysian Twitter user, @fkadeya, recently shared her struggles in finding a house to rent in Shah Alam.

"Nobody told me looking for a house to rent can be triggering. It's like I'm voluntarily putting myself in a f---ing hamster cage," she wrote.

She also shared a few photos of online advertisements for rooms for rent that she described as unreasonable.

In one of the images, the room appeared to be in a very tight space and is furnished with a single-size bed, a study desk, a chair, and a small cupboard.

The room was also listed at RM700 per month, which was justified by the fact that it has a window.

"What the f--k is this?" the woman asked.

Her tweet went viral, and netizens shared other outrageous rooms for rent they found online

One user shared images of a capsule bedroom located in Cyberjaya that was listed for rent at RM290 per month.

The capsule rooms were constructed in a shared living space, similar to a dormitory, and each room had a metal door and a ladder for its owner to climb up to their bedroom.

Inside the bedroom lies a single-size bed, a pillow, and an air conditioner. It was also described as fully-furnished.

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

Appalled by the bedroom layout, some users called the room a morgue.

Image via Twitter

"I thought this was a chicken coop," another user wrote.

Image via Twitter

Meanwhile, one user commented that they had lived inside the capsule bedroom in 2019 due to tough times.

They added that the living situation was "okay" for them, but claimed that the owner had raised the rent from RM200 to RM290 per month.

Image via Twitter

Amidst the negative comments regarding the small bedrooms, one user posted an advertisement of a room that they are listing for RM700 per month but with an undeniably bigger space

Their bedroom located in Ara Damansara is complete with a queen-size bed and a space that can fit two people comfortably.

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

In August last year, a photo of a small room being rented for RM300 a month in KL sparked discussion among Malaysians:

Meanwhile, in 2021, a Malaysian who was looking for a space to stay in Singapore was left shocked when a landlord offered him a shabby-looking space to rent for SGD550 (RM1,838):

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