Dato Seri Vida Hires A Handsome Personal Assistant For A Whopping RM10,000/Month Salary

The 26-year-old hot stud is from Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya.

Cover image via @datoserivida (Instagram) & @abgqu1 (Instagram)

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After looking for a "handsome" personal assistant (PA) for several months, Dato' Seri Dr Hajah Vida has finally found the right person for the job.

Meet 26-year-old Syed Qusyairi Syed Mahmud Iskandar, also known as Abang Qu.

Cosmetic entrepreneur Vida — whose real name is Hasmiza Othman — introduced him to the world in an Instagram post last Thursday, 24 February.

Describing him as someone who is shy, she hopes that Syed Qusyairi will work hard and be loved by her team.

Vida said she pays him a whopping RM10,000 salary per month but Syed Qusyairi said that the high salary is not just the only rezeki (sustenance).

In a comment under Vida's post, he said being able to work under a good boss and team is also a form of rezeki.

Hailing from Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Syed Qusyairi is a businessman himself prior to becoming Vida's PA

According to mStar, the hot stud runs his own business and already has a stable income.

"I put the question of the salary in the third or fourth place. It's not the main reason I accepted this job," he told the Malay entertainment site.

"Working for Vida is not just about money, it is more of an experience that I want to gain and learn."

He added that he wishes to learn the ways to build a business empire of his own.

Syed Qusyairi also said his 50-year-old boss is always open to accepting young people's opinions in order to produce better results

"I see Vida treats her employees very well. She also often does charity by helping children in tahfiz schools. That made me interested in accepting this offer," he told mStar.

"We all know she is a very spontaneous person, including when creating content on social media."

"Although she has the experience, she is always ready and open to accept new ideas. What is important is the end result of the content or the product."

Additionally, Syed Qusyairi said that he will try his best to be professional and not mix up his own personal affairs while working for Vida.

"I know maybe people will talk about (our) personal stories when I'm close with Vida. As her personal assistant, I will practise a professional attitude," he related.

"Soon people will see the results of our work together and stop talking about untrue things."

Vida began looking for a PA since 3 December last year:

In July 2021, Vida was embroiled in controversy when she told people who put up #BenderaPutih not to be lazy:

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