[VIDEO] "Jalan-Jalan Whole Of Puchong" – Delivery Rider Returns Lost Aunty Back Home

Khuzaimie said it was the sweetest and funniest experience he has had in his three years of working as a delivery rider.

Cover image via @khuzaimie_lemat1.0 (TikTok)

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A delivery rider has received countless praise after helping an elderly woman who was lost in Puchong, Selangor find her way back home

The wholesome encounter was shared by the delivery man himself, Muhammad Khuzaimie Lemat, in a TikTok video that now has over 1.7 million views.

The 24-year-old said he was on his way to work when he was stopped by the elderly Chinese lady in Bandar Puteri Puchong, who asked for his help to take her home.

Khuzaimie happily obliged to give her a ride, but soon realised that the elderly lady did not know where her home was.

"Aunty, where is your house?" Khuzaimie asks her in fluent Chinese in the video, to which she answers ambiguously in Bahasa Melayu, "Not here."

Perplexed but also amused, Khuzaimie shared his predicament with his followers on TikTok

"The problem is, she does not know where her house is… I'm getting a headache. She keeps saying she lives in house number nine, but Bandar Puteri Puchong is so huge," he explained.

The delivery rider of three years added that he was worried because he did not have an extra helmet for the aunty who was riding pillion on his motorcycle.

"I think I should just bring her to the police station," he said after some thought. "I've no idea what to do anymore and I'm scared that she's lost."

He then showed himself explaining to the aunty that he was bringing her to the police station and made sure she was okay with it.

In a subsequent video, Khuzaimie updated that the police were looking up the woman's identity and were trying to contact her children

In the video, he pans to the elderly woman who is sitting in a plastic chair with just a backscratcher and a small towel in her hands.

"Aunty, where do you live?" he asks her again teasingly. She replies, "Very far".

Meanwhile, in the next cut scene, Khuzaimie shows the aunty waving "bye bye" to him as a family member helps her into their car.

"This is the sweetest and funniest memory I've ever had as a delivery rider," he said, after leaving the police station.

"I brought the aunty jalan-jalan (gallivanting) around the whole of Puchong for a good half an hour while trying to look for her house."

"Never have I had a partner follow me to work," he added with a laugh.

He also clarified that the elderly woman's family could not thank him enough for finding her even though he did not record it in the video

"I would like to tell everyone to help others, no matter who they are, even if they are of a different religion or race," he told SAYS, adding that he learnt Chinese in primary school.

"We should always help, because we are one Malaysia and we are all human beings."

Watch Khuzaimie's viral video here:


Sesiapa jika jumpa Auntie ni lagi berlegar-legar kau orang boleh terus hantar ke balai polis je sebab memang dah kerap belaku gini #fyp #foryoupage #fyp


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