SG Couple Grateful For Kind M'sian Taxi Driver Who Drove 30KM To Return Their Wallet

They were about to file a police report when they suddenly received a phone call about their missing wallet.

Cover image via Joan Chong (Facebook) & Unsplash

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A couple from Singapore could not help but express their gratitude when a kind taxi driver from Johor went out of his way to return a wallet they left in his car

The wife, Joan Chong, took to her Facebook account to share the incident after she and her husband, Fedtrick, crossed the causeway to come gallivanting in Johor Bahru last Thursday, 14 July.

"Early this morning we happily went to Jalan Wong Ah Fook to eat at Kam Long Curry Fish Head, then felt like calling a Grab to go shopping at Paradigm Mall," she recounted.

The husband and wife, who were born in Johor and are currently living in Singapore, were about to hail a Grab when they saw a line of taxis waiting outside the restaurant and decided to take one of them instead.

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Image via Berita Harian

After reaching their destination, Fedtrick paid the taxi fare, tipped the driver, and they went on their way into the shopping mall

However, as the couple was about to enter the first shop, the husband realised he did not have his wallet in his pocket, and it dawned on him that he might have dropped it in the taxi.

"We quickly rushed to back to the spot where the taxi dropped us off, but the taxi was no longer there... Even though it had only been three minutes since we went in," Joan said.

Image for illustration purposes only.

Image via Unsplash

Unsure of what to do next, the couple decided to hail another cab to check, if by any luck, the taxi driver had returned to the fish head curry restaurant to wait for other passengers

Explaining their predicament to the new taxi driver, they realised that they knew nothing about their previous cab, such as his car's vehicle licence plate or whether the roof of the car was yellow or white.

"The uncle was asking us about the number plate and the colour of the roof of the other taxi, but we didn't notice any of that... I could feel he was about to take off his slipper soon to hit us with it," Joan joked despite the stress of the moment.

On their way there, Fedtrick also quickly called his banks to cancel his credit cards.

However, to their dismay, when they arrived at the restaurant, the taxi was nowhere to be found.

Feeling defeated, the couple ran some errands at Johor Bahru City Square before going to the police station to report Fedtrick's missing wallet

However, as they were about to lodge the report at the police station, Joan said she suddenly received a call from her neighbour from their old home in Johor.

To her utter surprise, the neighbour told her that there was a taxi driver holding a small green wallet who was looking for them outside their home.

Asking the neighbour to hand over the phone, the couple spoke to the taxi driver and thanked him for his kind deed

Joan said she omitted a lot of details, but eventually, they asked him to hand the wallet over to their neighbour while they made their way over to the house.

"We were so touched because the taxi driver drove all the way from Johor Bahru to our address in Kulai on Fedtrick's IC just to return us the wallet," Joan wrote.

"Although I know he may not see this post, I still wanted to share about this good man and his kind deed just to thank him again and show that there are good people around," she added.

"He saved us from a lot of trouble, we are truly so grateful for this uncle."

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