Delivery Rider Forks RM60 Out Of His Own Pocket After Customer Refuses "Damaged" Cake

"If I was your customer, I would have just taken it," assured a TikTok user.

Cover image via @fatinafifahzaid (TikTok) & Saifullizan Tamadi/New Straits Times

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A video of a delivery rider sitting at home and eating a whole cake that his customer had rejected recently went viral

The video was posted by his wife on her TikTok account, with a caption that reads, "I feel sad looking at my husband. He's a Grab rider who had a cake delivery order today, but the customer asked for a refund because the cake came a little damaged."

Defending her husband, she wrote that he drove carefully to deliver the order, and blessed him for being so kind to settle the issue with the customer out of his own pocket.

"May Allah bless you back many folds for your patience," she wished.

Watch the video here:


in syaa Allah bila kita sabar pasti ada hikmah sebalik smua kjadian , semoga semua yg tgk vdeo ni dipermudahkan sgala urusan hdup dan dimurahkan rezki #grabfood #grabrider #sabarituindah

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It was revealed that the delivery rider, Muhammad Fadzil Jahari, had forked out RM60 for the refund

In an interview with Harian Metro, the 30-year-old rider admitted that he gave the customer a refund as he was also disappointed with himself over the delivery.

"After arriving at the customer's house, I noticed that the decoration on the cake was a bit smudged. So, I showed it to the customer, so that she could have a look at the condition of the cake for herself.

"Because she didn't get the cake as expected, the customer asked me to return the RM60 she had already paid," he told the Malay daily.

The father of two said that he paid the money despite being tight for cash at the end of the month

"At that time, the customer's child was also present, and being a parent myself, I could not bear to see the disappointment on the child's face, so I returned the money to the mother.

"Deep in my heart, not only did I feel really bad, but I was also very frustrated because I rode as slowly and as carefully as I could when delivering the cake. But still, the cake ended up ruined, there was nothing else I could do," Fadzil said, adding that he has a day job and works only part-time as a delivery rider for additional income.

He also brought the cake home as it would have been a waste to throw away.

Meanwhile, his wife, Fatin Afifah Zaid, shared that she uploaded the video for her own memories of her hardworking husband, and not as a way of asking for sympathy from the public.

The video of Fadzil sitting on the floor while eating the "damaged" goods touched the heart of many netizens, who sympathised with him anyway

A TikTok user assured Fadzil that he had tried his best, saying, "If I was your customer, I would have just taken it. That's the risk of ordering a delivery. If I wanted a perfect cake, I would have bought it myself."

Some also suggested that if customers were not happy with their order, they should have bore the responsibility and contacted customer service, not punish the rider.

Meanwhile, others shared ways the rider could handle such a situation again in the future.

"For Grab riders, if you get a fragile order like cake, you can call customer service to allocate a car for the order," advised a person who described themself as a former customer service agent.

Grab has also reached out to the couple on TikTok to rectify the matter.

Dealing with customers is a skill to master:

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