Doggo Dies Fighting A Venomous Snake To Protect Malaysian Family At Home

The incident happened at the family's home in Bintulu, Sarawak last Saturday, 16 May.

Cover image via Alice Minggu/Facebook

A pet dog's story of selfless heroism is going viral after photos showed that he laid down his life to protect his human family from a venomous snake attack in Sarawak

Last weekend, Alice Minggu took to Facebook to share a heartbreaking story of her doggo - named Chiko - who died fighting a deadly snake that had crawled into her home in Bintulu.

She told SAYS that it happened at around 1.20pm after lunch on Saturday, 16 May, when the snake suddenly appeared in the dining room.

According to her, Chiko was involved in a fight with the snake. Alice said the family tried to pull Chiko away from the snake, but to no avail because the dog "will never back off".

After some tussle, Chiko successfully killed the snake by wounding its body. A photo showed the snake laid lifelessly beside a door with bloodstains on the floor.

However, shortly after, Alice said her dog walked out of the house and fell to the ground

"He fought until the snake died and quickly moved over to our car porch and took his final breath," Alice said.

She said it was heartwrenching to watch as Chiko kept biting onto the snake and refusing to let go.

Looking back, Alice said many people would describe Chiko as a fierce dog

"Many people claimed that he was a very aggressive dog. But yesterday, he saved us [and] unfortunately we couldn't save him...," said the owner.

She said it was a tragic day for her family as they suffered a precious loss in the family.

"Just a local breed but he meant so much to us," she lamented. "Goodbye and rest in peace, Chiko."

Speaking to SAYS, Alice revealed that Chiko had been with the family for six years and they buried him shortly after his death.

At the time of writing, the post has garnered over 3,800 shares and 6,500 likes.

Hundreds of netizens have since flooded the comment section of the post to send their good wishes to Chiko

"He is a good dog. Mad respect. RIP," lauded a netizen.

Image via Facebook

Another person said, "My heart is broken. He was a hero for sure! May you all be grateful for his courage! Chiko."

Image via Facebook

"God, I'm crying. Such a hero until his last breath. Rest peacefully in dogs' heaven, Chiko," wrote a Facebook user.

Image via Facebook

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