[VIDEO] Friends Driving To Genting Highlands Gets Harassed & Chased By Fake Cops

The victim said the fake policemen kept trying to get him to stop his car.

Cover image via Freeman Gan WT (Facebook)

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A group of friends driving from Singapore to Genting Highlands were harassed by three men pretending to be the police for about 40km on the North-South Expressway on early Monday morning, 5 June

In a Facebook post, Freeman Gan WT detailed the incident to warn others of "fake policemen" who may attempt to harass other cars and get drivers to stop on the highway. 

Gan, who was driving, said it was about 5.40am when he first noticed the Honda City following closely behind him at KM27 of the highway near Kulai, Johor.

"When I sped up, it sped up. When I slowed down, it slowed down too," he recounted.

The victim said that he initially did not think much of the other car until it began to further harass him.

According to the driver, at about KM31 of the highway, the other car cornered him, forcing him to drive into a rest stop

However, Gan said he did not stop and just kept driving.

Then, at KM37, he suddenly realised that the car was still driving close beside him, and was now sporting a flashing blue light, with the occupants inside signalling him to pull aside.

Thinking they were policeman, Gan said he almost stopped, but quickly noticed the suspicious occupants in the other car.

In a video shared by Gan in the same post, the front passenger can be seen wearing a reflective police vest while holding a blue beacon light on top of the car.

Meanwhile, the rear passenger was seen flashing a torchlight while wearing a clown mask.

Realising they were not real policemen, Gan said he tried to get away from them, which led to a car chase on the highway

"While we were trying to stay ahead of the car, I called 999, and the police on the phone asked for our location and urged us not to stop. He said to go to the nearest police station if the other car continued to follow us.

"At about KM71, we did not see them following us anymore. At about 8.10am, we stopped by a crowded area to eat breakfast," said Gan.

The Kulai district police said they are investigating the case and its three suspects for impersonating the police

In a statement on Monday, district police chief Supt Yusof Othman said they were made aware of the viral video before Gan made a police report on the matter.

"Checks by the police believe that the incident occurred at KM41.5 northbound on the North-South Expressway, nearby the Sedenak Plaza toll exit in Kulai.

"Three suspects of unidentified nationalities wore face masks, used a blue beacon to imitate a police team, and also used their hands to signal and attempt to stop the victims' car," he said in the statement.

The case is being investigated under Section 170 of the Penal Code for impersonating a civil servant, which carries a jail term of up to two years or a fine, or both.

Those with information on the case are urged to contact the Kulai police hotline at +607-6637222 or the investigating officer inspector Mohammad Azri at +6010-7647789.

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