"Ew" - 'The Bachelor' Contestants Went To Singapore And Slammed Their Food

Never come between Asians and their food.

Cover image via The Bachelor Insider

If there's one thing Asians will fiercely defend, it's their food.

US dating show 'The Bachelor' recently showed an episode of its contestants visiting Singapore to experience life outside of their country.

And experience they did.

After trying out leech therapy at a Chinatown market, the contestants sat down for lunch while plates of dishes were served.

The Westerners were then seen openly mocking the Asian food that was provided to them

According to South China Morning Post, pig intestines, frogs, and chicken feet were some of the delicacies that were served.

One contestant exclaimed, "Pig's feet – ewwwww!", while another questioned, "Wait, will I die?"

One contestant, who boasted in a previous episode that she had eaten "a lot of foreign foods", said to cameras that she felt queasy and was seen going to a nearby garbage bin to throw up, Asia One revealed.

Unhappy with the comments made, Singaporeans began slamming the group for their ignorance

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

While others shrugged it off by saying that Asians tend to make similar statements about Western food too

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Image via Facebook

Well, what do you think? You can watch a blooper of the episode here:

Speaking of being protective, Malaysians lost their sh*t when an Australian chef made nasi goreng and called it nasi lemak:

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