Man Caught Using Fake RM100 Notes That Look So Real & Even Police Are Surprised

The man is said to have used counterfeit banknotes in Melaka and Johor.

Cover image via KwangSen MY (Facebook)

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Two local businesses have caught a man using fake RM100 banknotes that appeared to be so realistic that even police officers had a hard time telling the counterfeit and the real ones apart

The issue was brought up by KwangSen MY on Facebook recently, who runs phone accessory shop HOCX Cellular in Taman Tambak Paya Harmoni, Ayer Molek, Melaka.

Based on the photos he posted, the RM100 notes do not look unusual and even have the three-dimensional watermark of the first Agong, Tuanku Abdul Rahman Ibni Almarhum Tuanku Muhammad, on them.

According to China Press, KwangSen said that his employees received the man's visit last Sunday, 10 July.

The man is said to have used two RM100 banknotes to buy RM136 worth of power banks and phone cables.

Speaking to SAYS, KwangSen said he suffered a total loss of RM200 from receiving the counterfeit notes.

"The employee who took the money didn't feel anything wrong during the incident," the business owner told SAYS.

"The store manager only notified me that he noticed something was amiss (about the money) when they were closing the store at night."

When asked what did not feel right with the banknotes, KwangSen said the texture and the colour of the banknotes felt "weird".

He clarified with this SAYS writer that the banknote on top in the photo below is real, while the one below is fake.

The banknote on top is real, while the one below is fake.

Image via KwangSen MY (Facebook)

It is understood that the man was carrying a stack of RM100 in his wallet at the time of the incident, which KwangSen's employee believed to be come up to more than RM1,000.

China Press reported that KwangSen lodged a police report the next day, and a police officer was in disbelief that the banknotes were fake, asking them how they found out.

Both banknotes shown are fake.

Image via KwangSen MY (Facebook)

Both banknotes shown are fake.

Image via KwangSen MY (Facebook)

Meanwhile, grocery store owner Gary Lim in Johor is believed to have received counterfeit notes from the same man as well

According to a police report he lodged, the man visited his store Top Eleven Mini Mart in Kawasan Perniagaan Indah, Johor Bahru, on Monday, 11 July, and bought goods with a fake RM100 banknote.

"He went to my first outlet and the staff was fooled by him," Lim told SAYS when contacted.

"Later, when I went to my second outlet, the staff there found that there was something wrong with the man, so they had the banknote checked. They found it to be fake and took a picture immediately."

"But at that time, we all didn't know that the first outlet (received fake money as well)."

"Later, I posted (the discovery) in a group chat. The staff in the first outlet saw it and went to check, only to find that they had received counterfeit notes, too. But it was too late"

Lim said that the man would keep talking to the cashiers to distract them during payment.

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