Family Needs Help Looking For A Hit-And-Run Driver Who Killed A Father-To-Be

There were people in the vicinity of the accident but nothing concrete has emerged yet.

Cover image via Kensomuse (Facebook)

A family is appealing for witnesses on the driver responsible for a traffic accident near the Damansara-Puchong Expressway (LDP)

A Facebook post titled 'A Death In The Family' was posted on Tuesday, 27 October, by Facebook page Kensomuse, run by Kenneth Sow.

According to the post, the accident happened on Monday, 26 October, around 5pm when the victim was travelling on a motorcycle near the LDP passing the Bandar Puteri exit.

"I cannot imagine the shock and grief my eight-months pregnant cousin sister felt. Even now as I heard the news this morning, I'm still coming in terms with this reality (sic)," Sow wrote.

"Please, even if you didn't witness or record the accident directly, perhaps in your [dashcam] footage there might be some clues leading to the accident."

The plea for help has since gone viral on the social media platform

Sow recalled that a few hours before the accident, the expectant father left his house riding a motorcycle to work, likely thinking about his child.

"Looking forward to next month when you will see and hug your firstborn child. Though the current pandemic has made things a little difficult, life was good. 'I'm going to be a father soon'," read the post.

As of 28 October, Sow wrote in an update that they still have not received anything concrete

There were observers at that time of the accident but not firm enough to pinpoint anything. Sow's family is searching the Internet for clues.

"So for now, the search continues. Hard to imagine at 5pm, traffic should be relatively heavy on that stretch of LDP yet we couldn't find a single witness to this accident."

He, on behalf of his family, also thanked netizens who shared the initial post.

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