This Woman Was Found In A Box As A Baby In Pakistan. Now She's An Influencer In China

Fan is grateful to her parents for treating her as their biological daughter and hopes to buy them a flat someday.

Cover image via Douyin (SCMP) & Douyin (NextShark)

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Meet Fan Zihe, a gorgeous woman of Pakistani descent who is going viral in China for her beauty

The 20-year-old has amassed over 750,000 Douyin followers, with plenty of her videos making the rounds in China.

Fan first went viral in 2021 after posting a video of herself squatting in front of her village house while munching on Henan noodles. 

Since then, her followers have dubbed her 'Henan's Cleopatra' due to her supermodel features.

Image via Douyin

Fan was adopted by her parents as a baby after they found her abandoned inside a cardboard box in a street in Pakistan

At the time, Fan's parents were working in Pakistan when they discovered her.

The couple decided to adopt her and brought her home to where they live in the rural parts of China's Henan province.

They named her Fan Zihe — a name deemed auspicious as it means 'vigorous and long-lived'. 

Image via Douyin

Fan is grateful to her parents for treating her as their biological daughter and aspires to buy them a flat in the city someday

According to Henan's Pingdingshan News, she earns about 4,000 yuan (RM2,600) a month just from her Douyin account alone.

Her salary is higher than the average salary of a farmer in China. In 2022, the average Chinese farmer earned about 1,678 yuan (RM1,090) a month.

Despite her looks, Fan identifies herself as Chinese and is thankful that her parents have been loving her for who she is.

"People say loving a person is like growing a flower. I think the best gardeners are my parents," Fan said in one of her videos. 

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