Father Scolds Teacher For Not Waking His Daughter Up For Online Class

"Why didn't you wake her up for class? Why should I pay school fees then?"

Cover image via Reuters/The Edge Markets & Facebook

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A private secondary school teacher recently took to Facebook to share how difficult some parents can be when it comes to their children's education

The teacher from Selangor, who wished to be anonymous, shared screenshots of a conversation from his school's parent-teacher WhatsApp group on 1 May.

"What a classic independent high school parent. You think you paid money so you can have everything," the teacher wrote disapprovingly on the post that has since gone viral.

Image via Facebook

The screenshots show a father scolding a teacher in the group chat for not waking his 13-year-old daughter up for online class

"Why didn't you wake her up for class? Why should I pay school fees then?" the father criticised, in front of all the other Form One students' parents and teachers.

"I asked my daughter, she said she couldn't wake up. So, must I be the one to do that and also pay the school fees?" he questioned.

Despite multiple parents trying to convince the father that he was wrong, he continued to berate the teacher and demanded for a refund for his daughter's school tuition.

"If my daughter and I can discipline ourselves, then what's the use of teachers? Why should I pay school fees? Please reply and don't ignore this. You think parents don't have to work?" he continued.

Image via Facebook

As he continued to rant, a teacher tried to calmly handle the situation, clarifying how difficult it was for teachers to supervise their students from a distance

"In addition to regularly keeping contact through our handphones or guidance during online lessons, children themselves need to be self-disciplined," the teacher said.

The teacher added that it was indeed difficult for them to wake their students up because students were not staying on campus as they used to be.

"I'm sorry, I know you're also busy with work... I won't push all responsibility to you either, but from your message, I think your daughter also has to also face the issue."

However, moving on, the teacher promised they will pay special attention every morning to whether the student shows up for online class, or they will try to contact her.

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Image via Reuters/The Edge Markets

In the comments, netizens were laughing and condemning the father for how daringly he blamed a schoolteacher for his own daughter's poor behaviour

"Calling children up for class should be an additional charge. What a weird parent, making life difficult for all teachers," said a Facebook user.

Image via Facebook

Another said, "What is wrong with this father? Does he think the teacher is his daughter's mother? Should the teacher go all the way to their home to wake his daughter up? Ridiculous!"

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Meanwhile, this netizen questioned, "Already in secondary school and the student must have the teacher call her up from sleep? Does this man not feel ashamed for typing that out?"

"My children were already waking themselves up since they were in Standard One. They don't need me to call them, what more their teacher? Please! You're not the only one paying fees," they ranted.

"Don't expect one-to-one attention unless you're paying pure gold. You're only paying a few hundred ringgit. Be more civilised and be a better example for your daughter."

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Here's a parent who tried her best to ensure her daughter was able to keep up with online classes instead:

Many teachers in Malaysia have gone above and beyond for their students despite the difficulties of online learning: