Finding Poop On Your Car Door Could Mean You've Been Targeted By Snatch Thieves

You definitely do not want to be caught in such a 'shitty' situation.

Cover image via Daily Express & Michelle 陈美瑾 (Facebook)

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A Facebook user by the name of Michelle shared a scary and disgusting experience her mother went through at Melaka Raya, Melaka

Last Saturday, 13 August, Michelle's mother was going to go back home after attending a work meeting at around 10pm or 11pm. 

She was meant to join her colleagues for drinks but declined. She then walked towards her car alone. When she reached her vehicle, she reached for her car door handle and was shocked when she felt that her hand was covered in a sticky and smelly substance. 

To her horror, she realised that her hands were covered in excrement!

Because she was parked on an empty street, Michelle's mother was too frightened to clean her hands immediately after touching the poop

Her mother decided that it was safer to just wash her hands and car when she returned home. She was worried of being attacked by an assailant if she had stayed and tried to clean her hands and car. 

Fortunately, she managed to get back home safe and sound and was able to finally wash the excrement off her hands. Although, according to Michelle, she had to wash her hands several times before she managed to get the smell off her hands. 

Speaking with SAYS, Michelle said her mother is fine, albeit being much more cautious when getting to her car now.

Michelle urged netizens to be careful as snatch thieves or robbers usually use tactics like these to prey on unsuspecting individuals

"I just want everyone to be careful. Some robbers would hide and wait for you to clean your hands from the excrement. That is when they would strike," Michelle wrote in her Facebook post.

Her awareness post has since garnered 1,600 shares and 333 comments at the time of reporting.

Netizens were shocked by Michelle's post and warned others, especially women, to be careful when out and about

"Really, be careful. A girl needs to be safe when going out. If possible, get some friends or relatives to accompany you," a user wrote.

"Even if an older woman goes out alone, she still needs to be careful. It is safer if someone accompanies you," the same user added.

Image via Facebook

According to data, Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, and Penang recorded the highest rates of snatch-thefts in Malaysia

In 2021, Cilisos conducted a survey on crime in Malaysia, and it received 796 responses from people all across Malaysia. 

Amongst the 796 respondents, they calculated that 35.8% of Malaysians have reported that they or someone they knew had experienced snatch theft before.

Image via Daily Express

Regardless of the crime rates in each state, snatch-theft can happen anywhere and at any time:

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