Food Delivery Rider Allegedly Catcalls & Threatens Girl Near A Mall In Selangor

The food delivery rider is heard in a video admitting that while he whistled at her, the girl should know better than to disrespect him "like that" by giving him the middle finger as he can do anything to her if he wanted.

Cover image via Provided to SAYS

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Recently, a food delivery rider allegedly catcalled a girl who was walking home alone from a shopping mall in Subang Jaya, Selangor

The alleged incident happened at about 8.30pm on Monday, 3 May, according to the victim.

At the time of the incident, the victim was walking from the shopping mall back to her place, which — she stated in an email to SAYS — is just five minutes away.

According to the girl, whose identity SAYS is choosing to keep anonymous for privacy reasons, she was walking down the pedestrian walk when the food delivery rider passed by while whistling at her.

"I ignored [him] and continued walking," she told us, adding that the delivery rider then, once again, passed by her and uttered something to her but she couldn't hear due to loud traffic noises.

She tried to avoid him by taking a different route. However, by now, the victim noticed that the delivery rider has started following her.

She crossed the road and walked towards the side where there were more people.

He passed by again and whistled so I got pissed and showed him the middle finger.
The victim

At this point, the suspect made a U-turn and slowed down his kapcai close to where she was walking. He then started to shout at the victim while approaching her.

She tried to ignore him and continued walking, which seem to have infuriated the suspect more as he made another U-turn and charged towards the victim with his kapcai.

Seeing the food delivery rider approaching her made the victim scared and worry about her safety. She then took out her phone to make a video of the suspect.

As she filmed, the suspect kept demanding that she respect him while telling her that she shouldn't have given him the middle finger

In the video, that has been seen by this SAYS writer, the food delivery rider admits that while he whistled at her, she should know better than to disrespect him "like that".

"Ya ok, Miss, I call you but you can't show [the middle finger] like that," he is heard saying in the video.

SAYS is choosing to upload only the first 15 seconds of the video for privacy reasons.

However, when she confronts him by questioning how is it okay for him to catcall her and at the same time demand respect, he continues to argue that she shouldn't have shown him the middle finger.

At one point, he is heard threatening her that "if I wanted to do anything to you, I would".

"Anything can happen, right? Damn big problem then, right?" he tells her.

When she asks what does he want to do, he calmly replies: "Anything if I want la."

The food delivery rider, while seated on his kapcai with its engine running, goes on to defend himself, saying that he doesn't want any problem and that's why he goes about his work.

To which the victim retorts that if he doesn't want any problem, then he shouldn't be catcalling girls.

He, once again, admits to whistling at her but insists that she should not have shown him the middle finger. She then tells him that he should know how to respect girls as his actions can make them feel unsafe, to which he replies, "I understand that. I can respect you but don't give the middle finger next time, okay?"

In the video, the suspect tells her that it was because she showed him the middle finger that he got angry and started following her

He then offers her his apology but continues to insist that she disrespected him.

Appearing to be exhausted from trying to make sense to him about his actions and how he made her feel unsafe — that even a five-minute walk back home could become such a dangerous task for a girl — she reluctantly tells him that she forgives him while urging him to not do the same to other girls.

This latest incident comes on a wave of viral sexual harassment cases that have made the news in recent weeks

About a week ago, a woman was sexually harassed by a man riding a bicycle in Kota Bharu.

Prior to that, a man on a motorcycle groped a girl as she was walking alone in the same area.

Amidst all this, hundreds of former and current students have come out to share disturbing stories of sexual harassment and abuse they suffered while they were in school.

Late last month, a secondary school student reportedly received rape threats from students in her school after she took to TikTok to expose her teacher for making rape jokes.

These Malaysian organisations aim to help survivors of rape and sexual assault:

Operating hours: 24-hour
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Anonymously and confidentially report child sexual abuse content and non-photographic child sexual abuse images with IWF's Reporting Portal.

Last month, the Ministry of Health was heavily criticised for an article with fallacious advice on how to avoid getting sexually harassed:

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