Gang Members Allegedly Invade Schools To Beat Up Students Until They Agree To Join Them

Students of two secondary schools in Kajang allegedly fell victim to brutal attacks by the gang members.

Cover image via Sin Chew Daily

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A group of gangsters allegedly entered two secondary schools in Kajang, Selangor, disguised in school attire, to assault students and recruit members for their secret society

The victims shared their horrific encounters during a press conference held by DAP Selangor Youth (DAPSY) Public Service and Complaints Bureau director Lee Wen Bin and his deputy Aw Wai Kit, reported Sin Chew Daily.

Six students, aged between 14 and 16, spoke during the press conference, claiming that they were severely beaten for refusing to join a secret society.

According to Harian Metro, the secret society is said to be 'Gang 24', a notorious group whose members have made headlines for being arrested, charged, and jailed for various crimes.

The assault and harassment allegedly began late last year, with some assailants wearing school uniforms to enter the school grounds.

One victim claimed that the assailants wielded knives and iron rods to intimidate and threaten him and his friends. According to him, the gang members had threatened to beat the students until they agreed to join the secret society.

The victims were purportedly taken to secluded areas to be beaten. The gang members allegedly also harassed a victim at his part-time workplace, threatening him to join them.

Image via Sin Chew Daily

Last week, three students were surrounded by about 20 purported gang members, who attacked them with chairs while they were dining at a hawker centre in Cheras

One of the victims suffered head injuries, requiring two stitches.

"We were eating when they suddenly appeared and asked if we wanted to join the secret society. Although bystanders tried to stop them, I was hit on the head with a plastic chair during the chaos," the victim recounted.

It is understood that some of the gang members were students in the victims' schools. China Press quoted the victims as saying that the mastermind behind the attacks is allegedly a Form 5 student.

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Image from Sin Chew Daily
Image via Sin Chew Daily

The motive behind the violent recruitment tactic is uncertain, but Lee said the secret society likely needed more members to conduct illegal activities, such as online gambling

"We are not sure what their motive is. It might be for online gambling or other criminal activities, Maybe they want to show their strength. Many of us can't be sure of it," Harian Metro quoted the DAPSY member as saying.

The victims also said they lodged multiple police reports and provided statements, but no further action has been taken.

Meanwhile, the schools allegedly admitted their inability to deal with the problem, reported China Press.

Lee said he would lodge a report to the Gombak Criminal Investigation Department, besides requesting increased police patrols or the stationing of police officers outside affected schools.

Below is the video of the assault that took place at a hawker centre in Cheras over the weekend:

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