21-Year-Old Woman Recounts How A Former DAP Aide Sexually Assaulted Her

A friend of the man had reportedly offered her money to "settle" the matter following the incident.

Cover image via Ramdzan Masiam/NST

The woman who was allegedly sexually assaulted by a former DAP state assemblyman's aide, has come forward to share the nightmarish ordeal she went through on the night of the incident

Tan, explaining the incident at a press conference in Penang today, 14 July.

Image via Ramdzan Masiam/NST

In a report by New Straits Times (NST) today, 14 July, the 21-year-old college student said that the incident happened at a car park in Lebuh Pantai on 6 July.

The victim, who identified herself as 'Tan', said that it was her first day at work as a part-time waitress at an entertainment outlet in Georgetown, Penang. Prior to asking her to escort him to the parking lot where the incident happened, the alleged perpetrator was said to have been consuming liquor at the outlet with another friend.

While hesitant, Tan followed him anyway to pick up his car as she did not want to offend a customer on her first day at work.

"We then walked into a dark passageway and he pushed me against the wall. I tried to fight him off but he was too big and strong. I could not do anything."

None of that stopped him from further assaulting Tan. He proceeded to force himself on her by putting his tongue in her mouth and kissed her. He then went on to put his hand inside her trousers and touched her private parts.

"I immediately squatted down and began crying but he continued his advances," Tan explained, crying at the press conference that was facilitated by Parti Cinta Malaysia (PCM) today.

The man in his 50s then undid his belt, pulled out his private part and had asked Tan to perform oral sex on him. She refused, but he ended up asking her to use her hands instead.

"I was squatting and crying the whole time. I pushed him away but he told me to wait a little while more (as he was masturbating then). Shortly afterwards, he ejaculated onto my pants and foot," said Tan, as reported by NST.

The elderly man then offered her money, around RM700, for her to perform oral sex on him or spend the night with him

Tan said no and managed to escape. She had reportedly ran to the nearest bathroom and called up a friend for help.

The duo then told the management of the entertainment outlet about the assault and lodged a police report against the man around midnight, on the same day.

To make matters worse, Tan said that she had received a WeChat message from the man's friend who offered her an undisclosed sum of money to "settle" the matter.

The alleged culprit was arrested yesterday, 13 July, and the authorities informed that he has been remanded for two days to assist with the investigations

The alleged perpetrator will be remanded until tomorrow, 15 July.

Image via KE Ooi/Malay Mail Online

Malay Mail Online reported Georgetown northeast district police chief Asst Comm Anuar Omar, saying that the man, who was also a former Penang councillor, was arrested after he was called in for questioning yesterday.

"Urine tests will be conducted. We will reveal facts of the arrest later," said Anuar Omar, as reported by the English daily.

The Star Online said that Deputy registrar Ahmad Tajudin Zain granted the remand order today.

It was reported that the case is now being investigated under Section 354 of the Penal Code for assault or use of criminal force on a person with intent to outrage modesty.

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