"Your Child May Be A Victim Of Rape Or Become A Rapist" - Parents Of WeChat Users Warned

Facebook user, Zeeda Aziz, recently revealed that a girl was raped by a local university student she met through WeChat.

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"Who can be a rape victim? Your child."

"Who can be a rapist? Your child."

In a recent Facebook post, fellow netizen Zeeda Aziz has reminded parents to be careful as she wrote about the dangers faced by children on tablets and smartphones.

She said that she dedicated the post to all parents who allow their children to own a smartphone and particularly those who own a WeChat account.

"If they use that (WeChat) application, please monitor their movements as much as possible. Your child may be a victim of rape or become a rapist," the 38-year-old wrote.

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The warning came about after Zeeda received a case a few days ago and found that a girl was raped by another user she met through WeChat.

Zeeda said this real life experience should be an example and lesson for all parents.

"This girl is well mannered. Her whole family are really good people. Soft-spoken and polite," she wrote.

According to Zeeda, this family was "perfect" and known in their neighbourhood because people admired their Islamic way of life.

"But a mistake happened when the girl received a smartphone to help her in her studies. It's more convenient to discuss homework."

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"Her friends had been inviting her to use WeChat ever since she got a smartphone, so that it will be easier for them to communicate and find more friends. That was when this child got into a destructive trap."

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"WeChat users are racing to become popular. More friends, more glamorous. And this child was tricked by this useless trend. Without her realising it, one of her new friends on WeChat was going to be the person who raped her," she added.

Zeeda said that the rapist was in his early 20s and is a student at a local university and he came from a highly educated family.

"He looked harmless. Educated, knows the law. But that was not enough to stop him from his evil desires."

All it took was just one week for the rapist to get the victim's attention

Zeeda explained that the rapist had invited the victim to go for a sightseeing at a planned location after he gained her trust.

Before they went out together, the victim had asked actually for her mother's permission by saying that she was going to do some homework.

"The mother at home believed that her daughter went to a study group session but what was really happening was that the girl was brought to the crime scene to be raped."

"After she was raped, before sending her back home, the rapist gave her a carbonated drink that was said to be able to kill sperms."

Zeeda said that the victim trusted the rapist and chose to keep quiet about the incident. She went home, determined to keep it as a secret in hopes that no one would find out what had happened.

It was learned that the university student involved in the case is under investigation.

Zeeda has advised parents to be vigilant and always be aware of their children's whereabouts

"Watch your child's smartphone activities. If you can, give a time limit to control his or her usage. Don't let them be caught up with crooked men's lies. If you love your child, keep him or her close to you."

She also urged rape victims to not be afraid and immediately go to the police station and make a report. She added that perpetrators may face a maximum 20 years in jail and whipping if convicted of rape.

"Rapists should be in jail. That is where they deserve to be. It does not matter if the rapist is from a rich or poor family, let the justice system punish them accordingly."

"We are the generation that is supposed to protect the young ones who are still immature. If these children suffer from trauma after being raped or get pregnant out of wedlock, it is the people in our age that have to take their cases."

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This is not the first time the usage of WeChat has raised concerns among parents:

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