"Girl, You Are Home" - Dad Embraces Urn Of Daughter Who Was Brutally Murdered In Taiwan

The victim's body was found dismembered in two boxes at Keelung Mountain, Taipei on 11 January.

Cover image via Kwong Wah & Sin Chew Daily

The father of murder victim Teng Yong En (phonetically spelled) broke down in tears when his daughter's ashes were brought back home yesterday, 19 January

"Girl, you are home. Come let father hug," cried the father as he embraced Teng's urn at their home in Batu Gajah, Perak, reported Sin Chew Daily.

(Middle) Teng's father.

Image via Sin Chew Daily

Teng was allegedly murdered by her neighbour in Taipei, surnamed Lin, who dismembered Teng's body before placing it into two boxes

Murder victim Teng Yong En.

Image via Kwong Wah

According to Taiwan News, 26-year-old Teng, who hailed from Malaysia, worked in catering in Taiwan.

The boxes were found by police at the foot of Keelung Mountain on 11 January, while the suspect was found dead - from an apparent suicide - in an apartment nearby the next day.

The investigation into Teng's murder began when one of her friends filed a missing case with the local police on 6 January after she failed to show up at work

This led the investigators to Teng's rented apartment in Wanhua District, Taipei, where they interviewed her neigbours, reported Focus Taiwan.

Lin was one of the neighbours questioned by the police, who was later found to have a criminal record for armed robbery in 2005.

Lin, the suspect in the Malaysian woman's murder.

Image via Coconut KL

The police returned to Lin's apartment after a strong smell of chemical disinfectant was reported by the investigators

When they arrived at the residence, Lin had already disappeared.

A manhunt operation followed suit, where the police studied the surveillance cameras and tracked the global positioning system (GPS) on Lin's phone.

Lin was spotted carrying two cardboard boxes out of his room and placed them in a rental car, which he drove to a mountainous area.

The police found the boxes in a wooded area in Keelung Mountain

United Daily News reported that Teng's dismembered body was found covered with cotton quilts inside the boxes on Saturday, 11 January.

As for Lin, he was found dead in an apartment on Baisan Street in Keelung's Qidu District the next day

Image via Kuai Bao

According to CNA Taiwan, Lin was an ex-tenant of the apartment. Local authorities said that he took his own life by burning charcoal in the room.

He also reportedly received NTD10,000 (about RM1,355) from Teng's bank account after the murder.

Teng's ashes were brought back by her family from Taiwan on Saturday night, 18 January, before arriving in KLIA yesterday morning

Image via Sin Chew Daily

Teng's relatives were all wailing when Teng's sister brought her ashes down from the car and put it on the praying altar, reported Sin Chew Daily

Her father was seen hugging the urn as he murmured "daddy hug", while her mother told Teng that she is finally home.

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