"Go Back To Your Country!" – SG Man Reprimands M'sian For Sitting On Reserved Seat In MRT

The Malaysian man's rebuttal to the older Singaporean passenger was that no one needed the priority seat at the time.

Cover image via @adminsgfollowsalll (Instagram)

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An argument between a Singaporean and a Malaysian on the mass rapid transit (MRT) train in Singapore was recently captured on video and has since gone viral on social media

In an Instagram video posted on 24 September by @adminssgfollowsalll, the altercation began when the older man started to yell and reprimanded several passengers for sitting in the priority seating row designated for senior, expecting, and disabled commuters.

However, when he did not receive a response from any passengers, the man turned his attention to a young man seated at the very end of the priority seating row. 

The Singaporean man began to call out the young man in Mandarin and asked if he was from Malaysia, to which the young man implied that he was by saying, "So what if I am?"

The Singaporean man yelling at the row of passengers who sat at the reserved seats in the MRT.

Image via @sgadminfollowsalll (Instagram)

Upon hearing that, the situation began to escalate and the exchange turned into a full-blown shouting match between the two passengers

The Singaporean man began to yell at the Malaysian, ordering him to go back to his home country repeatedly. The Singaporean also accused the Malaysian man of not respecting the elderly as he was sitting on a reserved seat meant for older passengers.

"Stop disrespecting the elderly! Don't you know how to respect the elderly? You're sitting [on] the seat meant for the elderly!” the man yelled.

Offended by his words, the younger man retaliated by saying that there was no elderly passenger that needed his seat at the moment. He also dared the uncle to come and beat him up if he was that upset with his action.

Unsatisfied with his answer, the man began to yell at him again, saying, "Go back to Malaysia! Stop earning Singaporean currency!" 

Their fiery exchange got so intense that some passengers took to leaving the area to avoid the situation.

The young Malaysian man retaliating to the Singaporean man's words.

Image via @adminsgfollowsalll (Instagram)

In the comments section of the video, netizens were displeased by the actions of the older man and criticised the way he acted towards the younger man

Some netizens called the Singaporean man 'entitled' and that he shouldn't demand respect like that even though he appears to be a senior citizen.

Image via Instagram
Image via Instagram

Other netizens chastised the Singaporean man for showing prejudice towards the Malaysian

Some users commented, asking the Singaporean if he had any issues with Malaysians and why it seemed like he hated the people from the neighbouring country so much.

Image via Instagram
Image via Instagram
Image via Instagram

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