Woman In Singapore Trapped Between MRT Doors Allegedly Ran After Her Autistic Sister

Previous reports implied that the woman was simply running to catch the train.

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A video of a woman prying open MRT doors with her bare hands in Singapore made headlines on Wednesday, 28 August

She was seen running towards a train in Little India MRT Station and was trapped for a split moment in between the platform screen doors.

Previous reports implied that the woman was simply running to catch the train and was heavily criticised for pulling such a dangerous move.

However, it has been revealed that she was allegedly chasing after her autistic sister who had run into the train without her

Facebook user Raymond Seow explained that the full story was shared on Singapore's radio channel UFM100.3 yesterday morning.

According to him, the passenger's autistic sister, who was dressed in blue, ran into the MRT first and the doors closed.

Image via Facebook

Without giving it a second thought, the woman in red allegedly panicked and ran after her, while putting her own life in danger

According to TodayOnline, the train doors opened just as an onlooker was trying to pry open the platform doors to help.

Senior vice-president of corporate communications SBS Transit Tammy Tan said that a staff onboard had activated an emergency device to reopen the doors so that the passenger could get through.

Tan added that a "safety feature was in place that ensured the train would not move off as long as both sets of doors were not locked."

"For safety reasons, commuters must not attempt such actions. This is extremely dangerous and could result in serious injury. It could also result in a service disruption as well as cause damage to public property," she said, as reported by TodayOnline.

You can watch the minute-long video below:

Aunty open MRT doors using her hands to go in

<Reader's Contribution by Hee> Dis aunty damn power sia! Rush in when MRT closing then kena stuck inbetween still so strong to open the door with her bare hands to go in!

Posted by All Singapore Stuff on Tuesday, August 27, 2019

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