Thai Man Shoots Ex-Classmate At School Gathering Because He Bullied Him 53 Years Ago

His bully allegedly attempted to bury him alive.

Cover image via & Ang Thong News Official

A 69-year-old Thai marine, Thanapat, was arrested after shooting a classmate, Suthud at a class gathering on 24 August

Thanapat was allegedly bullied by Suthud some 50 years ago.

Image via China Press

At the gathering, Thanapat asked his former bully, Suthud, if he remembers attempting to bury him alive

He also asked for an apology from Suthud.

Mothership reported that Suthud denied bullying Thanapat and refused to apologise to him.

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Unsatisfied with his bully's response, Thanaput pulled out a gun and shot Suthud in the stomach, with the bullet allegedly passing through his back

According to Ang Thong News Official, Suthud died after being admitted to Ang Thong hospital, as reported by Mothership.

Police are currently investigating the case.

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