Mum Charged With Making Allegedly False Report On Son's Abuse At Madrasah In Shah Alam

The madrasah has admitted that they have been operating illegally for the past 20 years.

Cover image via Media Variasi & Utusan Malaysia

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Disclaimer: This story contains sexual, physical, and mental abuse details that may be distressing to some readers.

On 21 August, a 45-year-old mother lodged a police report against a madrasah claiming that her son was attacked at 11pm on 10 August

Her 20-year-old son, who wants to be known simply as Hariz, has been receiving treatment since April for drug addiction at Madrasah Darussolihin located at Jalan Kebun, Shah Alam, reported New Straits Times.

According to a family member, Hariz's parents sent him there because they heard the madrasah also served as a rehabilitation centre and could help him overcome his addiction.

Following his mother's report, Hariz went to lodge his own report on 23 August, denying his mother's claim that he was attacked. He filed the report while he was still living and receiving treatment at the madrasah.

A month later on 20 September, Madrasah Darussolihin admitted that they had been operating illegally for 20 years

Ridzuan, a representative of Madrasah Darussolihin, confirmed that the madrasah is merely an organisation, reported Media Variasi.

"We are also not registered under the Ministry of Education (MOE), people call our institution a madrasah, hence, we use the name madrasah," he said.

"Yes, we admit that we did not get the approval of the National Anti-Drug Agency (AADK) or the Selangor Department of Islamic Religion (JAIS) because we did not meet the requirements set by Pihak Berkuasa Tempatan (PBT)," he added.

Madrasah Darussolihin's representative, Ridzuan.

Image via Media Variasi

On 23 September, the victim's brother's Twitter thread went viral explaining the alleged abuse his brother had to endure at the hands of the madrasah

He explained on Twitter that his family came to the madrasah with the intention of taking Hariz to the police station to file a report. Unfortunately, they were not treated kindly, and a scuffle ensued.

During the scuffle, the victim's brother was also punched because the madrasah allegedly refused to let Hariz go.

In the same Twitter thread, Hariz's brother listed several allegations against the madrasah, including sexual, physical, and mental abuse

Some of the allegations include:
- Hariz's head was hit with an iron wrench.
- Hit with a hose pipe.
- Beaten with a mop until the shaft broke.
- Asked to hold someone else's penis.
- Forced to defecate in plastic bags.
- Fed cili padi and salt.
- Molested.
- Forced to run on rocks until Hariz's heel shattered.

The alleged victim's heel.

Image via Media Variasi

The same day, Hariz and his family held a media conference

He told the media that during the early stages of his treatment, the residents of the madrasah were taught the true Islamic teaching and they always had congregational prayer, reported Harian Metro.

"However, not long after, the madrasah began abusing us for no reason, and I was locked in a room that resembled a prison," Hariz added.

According to the alleged victim, the madrasah also mandates residents to selawat (send salutations) to Sheikh Abdul Kadir Jailani every night.

Then on 25 September, Hariz backtracked his earlier claim and filed a second police report, saying that he was, in fact, attacked by the madrasah's wardens on 10 August, reported New Straits Times.

Image via Harian Metro

A couple of days later, however, the victim's mother was charged with making a false report

"The alleged victim was taken to Shah Alam Hospital but checks found no bruises on the victim," said Shah Alam police chief ACP Mohd Iqbal Ibrahim, reported New Straits Times.

"The case was classified as no-further-action (NFA) by the deputy public prosecutor," he added.

The alleged victim's mother was charged on 26 September under Section 182 of the Penal Code for filing a false police report and providing false information to the police with the intent of causing a public servant to use his lawful authority to the detriment of another person.

She pleaded not guilty and was allowed bail at RM2,000. The case's trial was set on 15 November.

The Shah Alam magistrate warned the mother not to make further statements regarding the case.

Image via Utusan Malaysia

Earlier this week, Madrasah Darussolihin submitted claims for damages of RM10 million each to Media Variasi's reporter, Wan Norhayati Wan Alias, and the alleged victim for defamation

According to the madrasah's lawyer, Zahiah Nasir, the notice demanded that both of the individuals make an apology within seven days starting September 26, through electronic media, newspapers, and social media platforms, reported Malaysia Gazette.

Zahiah added that the RM10 million demand was made to both parties after the alleged victim made a statement about a militant-style abuse he experienced at the madrasah and published it in the media without seeking confirmation from Madrasah Darussolihin.

"Inshallah (if Allah wills it), time will reveal the truth. I can't say much at the moment, but our family hope for the public to continue their support and pray for us," said the alleged victim's brother on September 27.

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