"I'm A Normal Person" — Graduate Who Went Viral For His Looks Responds To Negative Remarks

"I'm just a normal person who does modelling and wants to push myself in the fashion industry to the international level," Fahd told SAYS.

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A graduate who went viral earlier this week due to his good looks is currently receiving negative comments on social media

The student and model, Fahd Mohd Fauzi, 23, became the centre of online discussions after one of his TikTok videos went viral, leading to him being featured in advertisements and product placements for various brands.

Despite the initial positive attention, some X users are now expressing negative opinions about his looks, with one user claiming that Fahd has a "common appearance" that can often be seen at the popular entertainment and nightlife centre, TREC Kuala Lumpur.

"There are so many men with a sharp V-face and sword-like chin just like him at TREC Kuala Lumpur," wrote the user.

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At the time of writing, the tweet has garnered over 3.2 million views and 2,200 retweets. Unfortunately, it has also garnered additional negative comments from netizens.

"He has an awam (common) face, right?" asked one user.

"Absolutely," replied the original poster.

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"Exactly, even though I've never been to TREC Kuala Lumpur and have only seen other people's Instagram Stories, I know they're more handsome," said another.

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However, several X users also came to the fresh graduate's defense in the comments section

"The difference between him and those TREC Kuala Lumpur boys is that he's a well-educated and kind model. That's why people like him," wrote one user.

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"He's just marinating lamb (in the advertisement) and all of a sudden you're attacking him. Do you realise how common your face is?" another user replied to the original poster.

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"You know what people say, only a common face can recognise other generic faces," commented another user in jest.

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Speaking with SAYS, Fahd said that he is aware of the negative comments about him that have been circulating on social media ever since his TikTok video was featured on a Malay publication

The model also shared that he was initially taken aback by the negative comments, but at the same time, he wasn't entirely shocked because he had anticipated such reactions.

When asked what he wishes to say to those who made negative remarks about him, Fahd expressed the belief that it's best to refrain from posting such comments about others.

"Everyone has different opinions, and I don't think it's necessary to comment negatively. If you feel a certain way, it's best to just keep it to yourself instead of judging others.

"But I'm thankful that those posts have opened up my rezeki (sustenance), and I've gotten a lot of jobs from big clients and brands, unlike those who could only comment negatively," he told SAYS.

Fahd also shared that he started his modelling career at the age of 21, and for the past two years, he has been featured in various television commercials (TVCs) and advertisements

"I'm just a normal person who does modelling and wants to push myself in the fashion industry to the international level. It's not out of my norm to be featured in campaign photoshoots, TVCs, and runways because I’ve been doing this for the past two years, even way before I went viral.

"I've been blessed to be given the opportunity to work with international brands and top local designers. I'm also grateful to call the people in the industry my friends," said Fahd.

The 23-year-old added that the content he shares on his social media accounts isn't just focused on his modelling career, but also includes his hobby

"I'm also very passionate about cars and I consider myself a big petrolhead. It's my hobby to drive and cruise around with my friends. I also love joining car auto shows and car meets.

"In fact, I think spent a little too much on my car, but it’s the satisfaction that makes me feel content," he shared with a laugh.

In the end, Fahd expressed gratitude for the support he has received on social media and extended thanks to all the clients who have collaborated with him after his video went viral.

On 4 December, various popular brands left playful relationship offers in the comments section of Fahd's viral video:

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