Influencer Slammed For Buying RM170K Mercedes At 19 After Allegedly Promoting Gambling App

"I did not buy the Mercedes with the money I made doing a paid review of a gambling app," the influencer wrote.

Cover image via Instagram & X

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A social media influencer recently gained widespread attention for purchasing a Mercedes worth RM170,000 at the age of 19

In an X post that has since been deleted, the influencer conveyed her disbelief at accomplishing such a milestone at a young age. She also included photos of herself standing in front of her new vehicle.

"Alhamdulillah (praise be to God), hard to believe but I did it at 19 years old," wrote the content creator.

Image via Instagram
Image via Instagram

Following her post, netizens began questioning how she could afford such an expensive car solely through content creating

Several X users then highlighted that the content creator allegedly earned her income by promoting a gambling app on her social media accounts.

One user shared a screenshot of an Instagram Story that the influencer purportedly posted on her account before. In the story, a follower had apparently earned RM3,561.85 on the app with a mere RM30 capital, and thanked the content creator for introducing it.

"What kind of game lets you invest RM30 and gives a return of RM3,561.85?" the user asked sarcastically.

Image via X

Another user posted a screenshot of the influencer's account, showcasing her obvious endorsement of the gambling app in her Instagram Highlights.

Image via X

In response to the criticism, the influencer then stated that she did not use her earnings from promoting the app to purchase the car

"I admit that I did a paid review service by promoting the gambling app, but I did not buy the Mercedes with the money I made from the paid review," she wrote.

Image via X

"What a dumb influencer, it's so obvious that she also gambles and launders her money. Do you think we're gullible? Stupid," replied one user.

Image via X

Following the criticism, the influencer has since deactivated her X account.

SAYS has reached out to the content creator for comments regarding the matter, but has yet to receive a reply.

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