Guy Dyes His Hair Grey To Honour Late Grandma's Memories Who Always Supported His Dream

"I can finally smile again knowing that I'm chasing my dreams all the while living life to the fullest in her honour."

Cover image via Victor L Pham/Facebook

A Vietnamese man recently took to a popular Facebook group to share a heartwarming reason behind his decision to dye his hair grey

According to his post in the group Subtle Asian Traits, which has over 1,400,000 members, Victor L Pham dyed his hair grey to honour his late grandma who always supported and believed in him.

At the time of writing, Victor's post in Subtle Asian Traits has received over 15,000 likes and 660 comments.

Victor lost his grandma to an unexpected stroke more than a year ago

At the time of her demise, Victor had missed his chance to bid a proper farewell, adding that he understands that it cannot be helped as sometimes "life doesn't work out that way."

"So with her passing, I decided to go grey in her honor — something I had always wanted to do but too afraid to take the plunge," he wrote.

He shared that his grandma was his biggest supporter and had never pressured him into becoming a doctor, dentist, or lawyer

Instead, Victor studied film at the University of California San Diego.

"Every time I'd visit her in Irvine (a city in California, United States), she would never ask when I would become a doctor, a dentist, or a lawyer like most traditional grandparents but always and without fail she'd ask when I'd become a big Hollywood director," he wrote.

The man said he would always reply with enthusiasm, "Một ngày, Bà Nội!" (One day, Grandma!).

He added that even though his cousins were studying to become doctors and dentists, his grandma believed in him and never compared him with them.

Victor wrote that when he lost his grandmother, he aspired to become a healthier and better person

Her unexpected passing lit a fire in me to change for the better.

"I ran miles upon miles to become healthier (but also to hide the tears from rolling down my face because if your whole face is sweaty nobody can see you crying, right?)" the man shared, adding that he eventually lost 25 pounds (11 kg).

Victor also decided to take his career more seriously by taking on bigger projects and tasks. 

"(I can) finally smile again knowing that I'm chasing my dreams all the while living life to the fullest in her honour," he wrote, adding that during his grandma's one-year memorial, he decided to dye his hair grey again.

He ended his post urging others to always appreciate their loved ones by simply making the effort to call, text, or hug them

"I wish I had a chance to hug Bà Nội (his grandma) one last time and to thank her for always believing in me. But for now I’ll just keep dyeing my hair gray every year until I become that big Hollywood director.

"And when I finally do become big, I’ll look up in the sky and scream “Hôm nay, Bà Nội!” (Today, Grandma!)" the man wrote. 

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