[VIDEO] Gym Owner Asks OKU Men To Leave Because It's "Too Dangerous For You People"

The owner told the men that if there were any accidents at the gym, it would damage the gym's reputation.

Cover image via Provided to SAYS & @afqazmann (Twitter)

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A video of a gym owner telling two people with disabilities (OKU) to leave her facility because it was deemed not safe for them to be there recently went viral on Twitter

One of the two men, who is a wheelchair user, uploaded a 41-second clip on Twitter showing the owner trying to explain to them that her gym was not suitable for OKU, despite them being paying clients.

"We are scared that it's dangerous for you people," she is heard saying in the video.

"I know, but it's usually stated in the gym's rules and regulations," one of the men replies.

Another man also asks, asking if it has ever been written in their rules and regulations that OKU are not permitted to use the gym, to which the owner replies that it has.

"But my employees did not tell them. My rules are not the same as those of the factory," says the owner.

The video concludes with the woman telling the men that she will discuss the situation with the gym's manager.

Speaking with SAYS, the Twitter user, 29-year-old Afiq Azman, said that he had been going to that gym for the past four months

Afiq added that his employer sponsors his gym membership and that he chose to go there because it is close to his home in Bandar Tasik Mutiara, Penang.

He also stated that he was drawn to the gym, ironically, because of its disabled-friendly amenities, such as a working ramp and OKU restrooms.

"I've been there for over four months and I was shocked when the woman approached us and told us that she's the owner of the gym," he told SAYS.

"I never had a problem with her staff and they have been very nice to me."

Afiq Azman.

Image via Provided to SAYS

Before filming the video, Afiq said the gym owner had approached them to say they were no longer allowed to enter her facility, which led the man to ask her why

"She told me, 'Because you are disabled, you are prone to accidents when you are using our equipment and it's dangerous for you. Your physical condition is not suitable for this gym,'" Afiq explained.

The owner told him that if there were any accidents at the gym, it would damage the gym's reputation.

"I told her that I've been here for four months and there has been no issue, and she responded to me that this was her first time seeing us and she was shocked to see OKU training at her gym," he added.

Afiq then defended himself, telling the woman that he is aware of his physical abilities and will not be involved in an accident at her facility

"I told her I'm disabled but I know how to handle myself. I won't simply use equipment that is harmful to me," he said.

He went on to say that he had no intention of bringing down the gym's reputation, but the owner still asked them to leave the gym.

"I asked her where should I go if I couldn't come here, and she told us that we needed to find another gym that was appropriate for our condition," he continued.

At this point, Afiq took out his phone and began recording the conversation between them and the gym owner.

In the end, both men left the gym and Afiq stated that he does not hold a grudge because the other members of the staff have been friendly to him

"I'm very disappointed that she talked to me in that manner. All I can think to myself is, 'Wow, this is still happening in 2023,'" he said.

He added that before leaving the facility, the owner did not show them the gym's rules and regulations.

Watch the full video here:

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