Son Calls Out Irresponsible Motorcyclists For Blocking Wheelchair-Friendly Walkways

However, the management of the hospital was quick to take action after the photo went viral.

Cover image via Mohd Zaidi bin Desa (Facebook)

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Walkways are meant to give space for pedestrians, but some riders often take advantage of the space to park their motorcycles there.

Recently, a man complained of the issue after not being able to walk his father in a wheelchair on a walkway filled with motorcycles at a hospital.

Mohd Zaidi took to Facebook last Wednesday, 18 January, that he had to face the obstacles while sending his father to Sultanah Bahiyah Hospital in Kedah.

He shared a picture showing the walkway full of motorcycles, which made it hard for his father in a wheelchair to pass through to get to the building.

He also highlighted his concern about how people with disabilities (OKU) had to deal with the same problem at the hospital whenever they are dropped off by public transport

The walkway is connected from the bus stop outside the hospital to the hospital's main building.

"If you are wondering why I did not stop at the spot to drop people in wheelchairs, that's because the area was too congested," Zaidi said in the post.

He also said that he had to use this walkway because his father is using his own wheelchair.

However, the management of the hospital was quick to take action after the photo went viral

One day after the photo was circulated online, one of the visitors at the hospital commented on his post on Thursday, 19 January, to update him regarding the matter.

The photo shows an empty walkway with plastic tape put up to stop motorcyclists from parking there.

Zaidi also thanked the management of the hospital for taking their time to listen to visitors' feedback and for their fast response.

The walkway of the hospital has been cleared after Zaidi's complaint circulated online.

Image via Mohd Zaidi bin Desa (Facebook)

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