Harith Iskander Pens Emotional Goodbye Message To His 2-Legged Dog Who Passed Away

The sweet pupper named Marvella was adopted into Harith's family in June 2020.

Cover image via @HarithIskander (Twitter)

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Harith Iskander announced on Monday, 21 June, that his two-legged dog Marvella had passed away

The comedian and actor took to Instagram to share the news of his beloved pet's death.

Harith posted several pictures of Marvella with his family — including wife Dr Jezamine Lim and their three children — in remembrance of the two-legged dog.

"She came into our lives in June 2020 and immediately became part of our family," he wrote.

Dr Jezamine Lim with Marvella.

Image via @HarithIskander (Twitter)

"She didn't seem to know that she had only hind legs," the actor said in memory of the pet

Harith and his family adopted Marvella last year after hearing about the dog through Nurul Ain Hamid, who runs an animal shelter.

Nurul rescued the disabled dog in 2018 after being advised to put the animal down.

After Lim came across the dog's story online, the family decided to initially care for the dog through a 'foster home' arrangement before proceeding to adopt Marvella.

In his post, Harith thanked Nurul for rescuing the pooch and then allowing the dog to be in his and his family's lives.

"Thank you Marvella for teaching us so much about gratitude. Thank you for bringing smiles to us and all whom (sic) met you," he wrote.

Following Harith's adoption of Marvella last year, several Malaysians questioned him online in regards to the issue of hukum (rule) about keeping or touching dogs

A few Malaysians commented under Harith's post about adopting Marvella, alluding that it was haram (forbidden) for Harith to touch or keep the dog due to his religion.

However, several others came to the comedian's defence and applauded Harith, his family, and Nurul for rescuing and caring for the disabled dog.

Harith would often post about Marvella on his social media, describing the dog as an inspiration.

After receiving a stream of condolences for the family's loss, the entertainer took to Instagram again yesterday, 22 June, to thank those who had sent well wishes to the family.

"In the year she was with us, she became more than just a pet to us. She was a giving and loving companion, and fiercely protective over our kids and our home," he wrote.

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