Teacher Raises Money To Replace Student's Device After Another Yes Phone Catches On Fire

The teacher said that they managed to raise enough money for a brand new phone in less than 30 minutes.

Cover image via @najmi_fatin (Twitter) & Haspul Nizam Deraman (Facebook)

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A woman recently went viral after her sister's Yes mobile phone caught on fire while charging

On 17 June, Twitter user @najmi_fatin, also known as Fatin, posted a photo of the damaged phone along with the caption, "My sister's phone is now safe. It exploded while charging."

The university student told SAYS, "It happened last Thursday, 17 June, around 12pm. My sister had an online class earlier that day. The battery drained out after the class, so she charged the phone."

"Then, after a while, the phone blew up and caught on fire."

"I was not at home during the incident but my sister was very shocked."

"She burst into tears because she realised there were assignments that she kept in the phone," the woman added.

She also confirmed with SAYS that the phone model is Yes Altitude 3, similar to that in another case in Kuala Lumpur where a student's phone caught on fire during an online class.

After the incident, teachers from the student's school, SBPI Temerloh, raised money to buy the girl a new device

"My sister informed her teacher that her phone blew up and told them that maybe she won't be able to participate in online class like before. Her teacher then informed this incident to the school, and they started a crowdfunding campaign to get a new phone for my sister," Fatin told SAYS.

The teacher, Haspul Nizam Deraman, wrote in a Facebook post, "Today's story. Around 12.53pm today, a student from class 4 Intelligent informed me as their class teacher that their phone exploded while charging. The phone brand is Yes. I then informed the school group that the student might face challenges during online learning because the phone is damaged and they're forced to share a phone with two other siblings."

"As a result of working together with the YDP (Yang di-Pertua) and AJK (committee members) of the parent-teacher association, in less than 30 minutes, we managed to collect money to buy her a new phone and there was even extra money left. At 5pm, the phone was handed over to the student at Sanggang Seberang."

"Alhamdulillah, God sent me colleagues and a work environment that is so amazing, including the parent-teacher association committee, that worked together in solving the student's problem. Thank you, everyone, you're the best."

The teacher added that the local phone store owner showed up at the student's home right after they purchased the new device

"In just 10 minutes, everything was settled. New number and a month's worth of Internet too," he noted.

He also added that there was no ceremony, in accordance with COVID-19 standard operating procedures (SOP) and only one person went to meet the family.

The new phone gifted to the student was a Vivo Y12s with 4GB RAM and 128GB internal memory.

Read the teacher's full post here:

Kisah arini jam 12.53pm pelajar kelas 4intelligent maklum ke sy selaku Guru Kelas, Phone dia meletop waktu cas (jenama...

Posted by Haspul Nizam Deraman on Thursday, June 17, 2021

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