[VIDEO] Hawker Allegedly Topples The Food Sold By Her Neighbouring Stall Out Of Spite

It is alleged that what caused the outburst was a misunderstanding.

Cover image via Sinar Plus & @My_CrimeWatch (Twitter)

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A video showing a keropok hawker walking away after allegedly tossing her neighbouring stall's food to the ground has gone viral on Twitter since it was posted on Tuesday, 22 June

The one minute and six seconds long video is believed to be taken at Taman Koperasi LLN, Kajang.

According to the caption that accompanied the footage, the hawker was unhappy with the neighbouring stall, who sells laksa.

The footage was originally recorded and uploaded on TikTok by the laksa stall hawker.

An image captured from the video of the food spilt in the incident.

Image via @My_CrimeWatch (Twitter)

"Kak, what did I do wrong? I am only doing business next to your stall," read the text on the TikTok

The video shows a woman walking away angrily back to her keropok stall before panning back to another woman who can be seen picking up the toppled food.

The food looked to be ingredients for laksa, such as lime and boiled eggs.

"I am also doing business like kak to make a livelihood, but why did akak topple my goods? We sell different items?" the text in the TikTok continued.

Netizens were curious to find out what had caused such an outburst, with some of them even investigating further and learning what happened after the video was recorded

Based on the comment section below the video post on Twitter, many netizens believed that the incident could have stemmed from a verbal argument that might have taken place before the woman toppled the food.

Most netizens urged others not to criticise or bash the keropok vendor as there were two sides to every story and by watching the video, viewers were only privy to the laksa vendor's perspective.

It is believed that the the keropok vendor had apologised over WhatsApp after the incident.

The video has garnered 222,800 views on Twitter at the time of writing. Watch it below:

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