This PKR Man's Answer To Someone Asking For Designated Smoking Areas Deserves A Clap

Dr. Afif Bahardin also serves as Penang state executive councillor for health.

Cover image via Malay Mail/Very Well Health (edited)

Earlier today, 15 November, an assemblyman in Penang accused the 2019 smoking ban of being hypocritical

Jawi assemblyman H'ng Mooi Lye

Image via Utusan Online

"I think it would be hypocritical if we allow them (eateries) to sell cigarettes at their premises when smoking is prohibited at restaurants," Jawi assemblyman H'ng Mooi Lye was quoted as saying by The Malaysian Insight during a question-and-answer session in the city council today. 

He then asked if local councils will be making it compulsory for eateries to set up smoking areas within their premises for customers.

In response to H'ng, Penang state executive councillor for health and Seberang Jaya assemblyman Dr. Afif Bahardin compared designated smoking areas to condoms

Dr. Afif Bahardin

Image via Roket Kini

"Many shops sell condoms as well, (would you) have sex in those shops?" Afif said to H'ng, according to China Press.

Nonetheless, Afif then clarified that there was still no directive on selling cigarettes at eateries. 

"The designated smoking area is outside the restaurants," he added.

In Penang, smoking within Unesco World Heritage Zones has been banned since January 2016

According to The Malaysian Insight, smoking in Penang is only allowed at home and designated areas marked with smoking signposts. 

However, Afif admitted that there is a lack of manpower in enforcing the smoking ban. 

Here's a recap of the 2019 smoking ban:

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