Home Baker Alleges That 2 Delivery Riders Ate Her Customers' CNY Cookies

"They ate a few pieces from every bottle then delivered all the remaining halves to my customers."

Cover image via LInly LinLy (Facebook)

Another woman has taken to social media to call out two delivery riders for eating her Chinese New Year baked goods, just two days after the last viral incident

Linly, a home baker in Puchong, Selangor, took to Facebook on Sunday, 7 January, to show photos of the half-eaten cookie jars sent by her disappointed customers.

"My customers' CNY cookies got eaten before the riders delivered them. And some were left with cookie crumbs only," she wrote.

"Sadly, the riders just decided to open my customers' cookies and eat them. And they didn't stop at one or two bottles, they ate a few pieces from every bottle then delivered all the remaining halves to my customers."

The small business owner had scheduled two deliveries to her customers that day - one order was to Klang and another to Kepong

"Both deliveries had different riders, and they seemed to know each other because they were chatting in front of my house after I handed them my customers' cookies," she recounted.

Linly said she couldn't believe it when her customers started to send her a barrage of angry messages awhile later.

"They messaged me 'Is this how you sell your cookies?', 'Your service sucks', 'So disappointed', 'I feel cheated by you', 'Why my cookies left crumbs only?'"

"Their words really hit me damn hard," she wrote sadly. However, she was grateful that her customers were understanding after she explained the issue and sent them new batches of cookies.

After writing in a formal complaint, the home baker said the delivery company has agreed to refund her for the deliveries

"[The company] has reached out to me and agreed to refund me," she updated her Facebook post today, 8 February.

"However, I still feel that that two riders owe me and [the company] an explanation."

"I know times are hard, but I just don't understand. If the riders were hungry, they could have just asked me and I would've been more than happy to offer them food without any charges because I know being a delivery rider is not easy and safe," she wrote.

She also reminded other online sellers to double seal their products, wrap them, or put them in proper closed boxes to prevent this from happening again.

Speaking to SAYS, she said she was still sad that her business reputation has been tarnished due to this incident

"It takes years and effort to build a business' reputation, and sadly because of these riders doing this nasty thing, my reputation went down the drain in just an hour," she wanted to emphasise.

"This was the first time in five years that I have been selling CNY cookies that such a thing has happened," she added.

"Now customers are afraid of ordering my CNY cookies. I hope the company can give me some closure soon and also train their staff better."

SAYS has reached out to the delivery service but have not received a reply.

Last Friday, a woman living in Kuala Lumpur also found that her CNY goodies sent by her mother in Kuching were half-eaten:

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