Honda Driver Finally 'Kantoi' For Not Paying Toll Fees 59 Times On SILK Highway

The driver had to cough up RM256.20 in evaded toll fees, including administrative charges.

Cover image via @SILKHighway (Twitter) & WAPCar

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A Honda driver recently got his just desserts when he got stopped at the Kajang Dispersal Link Expressway (SILK) toll for evading toll fee payments

According to a tweet posted on Saturday, 15 October, by Prolintas Kajang SILK, the driver was stopped at a toll booth, where it was discovered that he had avoided paying toll charges 59 times.

A member of staff at the toll kiosks managed to stop the culprit and ordered him to pay a total of RM256.20 in missed toll charges, including administrative fees.

The incident reportedly happened at night and the driver was ordered to pay the missing fees immediately at the location.

Some netizens voiced their disappointment that the driver did not face heavier charges for his shenanigans

Many Twitter users said that the Honda driver should have been charged five to 10 times the amount he avoided paying at tolls or else he wouldn't learn from his actions.

Image via Twitter

Another netizen suggested that the Honda driver switch to owning a motorcycle so that he wouldn't have to pay toll fees at all.

Image via Twitter

Many people were questioning how this driver managed to dodge paying toll fees so many times without getting caught

Evading toll charges is a growing practice, picked up by those who want to save a few ringgit while on the road. 

To avoid paying the fees, toll-dodgers would typically tailgate the car in front of them and drive as fast as possible past the boom gate that is lifted for the car who paid. 

Or, if a car is small or short enough, the driver can slip past the gate without having to tailgate.

Note: SAYS is not endorsing people to toll-dodge. Please follow the rules.

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