How Could Someone Bind, Kill And Disembowel Socky The Stray Cat?

A stray cat was found dead and desecrated in Seberang Perai, Penang. The authorities also allegedly claimed nothing can be done about it.

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The Fight For Justice For Socky, The Stray Cat Has Begun

Azra Azreen is still fighting the fight for Socky to get the justice it deserves and it is far from over. She has started a petition to call for "the Malaysian Government and police to treat animal cruelty cases seriously and impose higher punishment on the perpetrators" and targets to get 10,000 signatures.

The Justice For Socky petition can be signed here.

26 Nov: Penangite Azra Azreen frequently feeds a stray cat behind her house, in Taman Inderawasih. She has also taken the liberty to name this black-and-white cat Socky.

Socky, with her black and white fur, is timid. She would run away when she is approached by humans.

Socky is one of the stray cat which I fed behind my house. She's so afraid of humans that she would run and hide if she saw someone coming towards her.

One day on 24 November, Azra had the shock of her life when she returned home from work. Socky was found dead in the middle of the field. Her neck and two front paws were tied with a raffia string.

Worst of all, she was mutilated and disemboweled. Her intestines spilled out of her tummy.

I got home from the office today and found Socky lying in the middle of the field with her hands and neck tied up and her intestines outside of her helpless body. I can't imagine someone could do such a thing to a poor defenceless animal.

Azra is baffled as to how someone could have captured the timid cat and do such horrible things to it. "Imagine how much pain and suffering she had to endure before she dies."

She's so afraid of humans that she would run and hide if she saw someone coming towards her. So I really can't imagine how these people got hold of her and did this super horrible thing to her. Imagine how much pain and suffering she had to endure before she dies.

Horrified, she called various authorities to lodge a report. However, she was met with disappointment. Authorities say that nothing can be done even if there were witnesses.

And what's more horrifying, I called a bunch of authorities to ask if I could lodge a report. But they all said, they can't do anything even if I had a witness.

Outraged by this injustice, she posted on her Facebook page, detailing the incident and asking the public to share the story to increase awareness as well as stand up for animal rights.

So here I am writing and sharing my pain and hope that all of you could help me get justice for Socky. Even if we couldn't do much, the least you could do is share this story and hope that the public will be more aware and someone would stand up for these poor animals. We are the voice of these voiceless animals. Please share this and hope that someone would come forward to help change the law in Malaysia and punish those who abused animals. Not just fine them.

Those who have read her story were angry, sorrowful and outraged by the brutality done to the innocent animal. Some even asked for the authorities to take the case seriously.

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This is also not the first time the Internet has been horrified by such extreme animal brutality:

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