Human Resource Minister Wants Employees To Stop Playing Pokémon GO?

"Productivity will be affected."

Cover image via SAYS and Rozman Isli

Almost everyone everywhere is busy playing Pokémon GO.

However, the human resource minister isn't sold on the Pokécraze!

He has reportedly advised Malaysian employees, who are addicted to Pokémon GO, to stop playing the game while they are at work.

He insisted that the game could affect their productivity.

Datuk Seri Richard Riot argued that when productivity rate goes down "salaries cannot be paid, thus retrenchment can happen."

The Human Resources Minister claims that employers are worried about Pokémon GO lowering productivity and affecting a company's bottom line, despite the fact that it's not even been a week since the popular game was officially launched in Malaysia, on 6 August

"We have no laws pertaining to this but I urge employees to be more productive. This means not spending their time playing Pokémon GO," HR Minister Richard Riot was quoted by The Star Online after launching the Second Malaysia Productivity-Linked Wages Confer­ence in Kuala Lumpur yesterday, 9 August.

But what really happens when Pokémon GO invades your office?

And while the human resource minister is targeting the immensely popular augmented reality game, he is not alone in doing so. IGP Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar had said that police will monitor Pokémon GO, even before it was officially released here:

And it's already banned in schools:

Prior to its release, Penang Mufti wanted it to be declared 'haram':

Interestingly, on the day the game was released in Malaysia, a 32-year-old man became the first person in Pahang to get a police summon for playing it while driving:

What's more, despite it being only out for a month, Pokémon GO has amassed over RM806 million! Yes, as insane as it may sound, it's true:

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