Influencer Detained For Trying To Kiss An Old Man For Online Attention

She had been live-streaming full time for over a year.

Cover image via SCMP

A woman was detained for trying to kiss a man on a busy street in China last weekend

According to Global Times, the incident took place in Hefei, Anhui province of East China on 7 July.

The woman tried to force a kiss on the man as a social media stunt.

Image via SCMP

Before the incident, the woman was wandering around the streets while using her phone and a selfie stick for a live-stream

In the video that was recorded by a passerby, the woman could be seen wearing heavy makeup with her hair tied into pigtails.

An elderly man, Hong had noticed the woman as he walked past her and muttered, "There are really all sorts of people these days," as reported by SCMP.

Moments later, the woman ran towards Hong and grabbed him by the neck to kiss him while holding the selfie stick.

Caught by surprise, the elderly man resisted by pushing the woman away

"Ah! What are you doing?" said Hong as he dropped his groceries during his attempt to get away from the woman.

Global Times reported that Hong immediately alerted the police of the incident after the struggle.

Image via SCMP

When the police arrived at the scene, the woman refused to leave the building and slouched on the floor

"The way you treat me makes me scared," said the woman, adding that she had never gotten into trouble for a stunt like this before as it was not her first time doing it. 

When the police finally got her out of the building, they had to lift her into the van by force as she refused to step into the police van.

Image via SCMP

She had been live-streaming full time for over a year

According to the woman, she was unemployed as no one wanted to hire her because of her appearance, reported SCMP.

Left with no other options, she live-streams for a living and tries to get more online attention by disturbing pedestrians.

However, netizens were not impressed by the woman's attempts to gain more viewership. Many users on Weibo also criticised her behaviour and urged for her to be banned from the live-streaming platform.

One user thought she was a danger to society while many even urged for her to be charged with sexual harassment from trying to kiss the elderly man.

According to ThatsMags, Lujiang County Public Security Bureau has detained the woman for eight days for disorderly conduct.

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