[VIDEO] M'sian Influencer Shares How She Paid RM180 To Appear On A Billboard In New York

She described the process of being featured on the billboard as "super simple".

Cover image via @ivor_xianz (Instagram)

A Malaysian content creator Ivor Xian recently uploaded an Instagram Reel detailing how she managed to appear on a billboard in New York City, US

In the one-minute clip, Ivor said that she initially thought appearing on a billboard in the Big Apple would be prohibitively expensive.

She stated that a company that wishes to advertise on any of the billboards must pay between USD5,000 (RM22,920) and USD50,000 (RM229,200) for their advertisement to be broadcasted for one day, depending on the size of the billboard and the time slot.

However, the content creator explained that a few companies would rent the entire billboard for a month and leave 15-second slots open for anyone to advertise on the platform.

"So, if you break down from the big price to a small bit, it only costs USD40 (RM180) for 15 seconds," she said in the video.

She also calculated how much these businesses would earn if they rented out the billboard for 15 seconds per customer in the span of a month, which came up to USD6,912,000 (RM31,684,608)

Ivor went on to say that she was going to broadcast her own video on one of the billboards, adding that she began recording her billboard advertisement at 3am.

She described the process of being featured on the billboard as "super simple", noting that all a person has to do is download the TSX app on their phone and book a slot.

However, the content creator stated that her video was rejected several times because she included a website link within her billboard advertisement, which the company did not allow.

Finally, Ivor showed the viewers the video she submitted to the app while it was displayed on a billboard in New York City for 15 seconds

While smiling in front of her billboard advertisement, she also emphasised the importance of being on time because you may miss out on seeing your video.

"My best advice is to be there 15 minutes before because if you're one minute late, you'll miss your 15 seconds of fame," she said.

"It was the best USD40 I've ever spent for my 15 seconds of fame," she added.

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