"Biadapnya" - KESAS Lodges Police Report After Man Throws Drink At Toll Collector

The 20-year-old toll collector related that the man had deliberately turned back to throw the drink at her.

Cover image via Buletin INFO 1 Malaysia/Global (Facebook)

Konsortium Expressway Shah Alam Selangor (KESAS), the operator of KESAS Expressway, has lodged a police report against a man who splashed a drink at a toll collector

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage of the incident has gone viral on social media.

The 51-second video shows a man getting out of his car, a blue Perodua Bezza, to talk to the person manning the toll plaza booth before throwing the drink in his hand at them.

KESAS released a statement saying that the man had entered a lane at the toll plaza that did not provide top-up for Touch 'n Go cards but insisted for it

"The individual was not satisfied with the toll collector who did not allow the transaction as KESAS has designated a special lane for top-up services," said the Facebook statement posted on Monday, 5 October.

"Following the incident, KESAS lodged a police report to investigate the matter and the toll collector was taken off duty."

Since the video went viral, the toll collector herself, 20-year-old Faten under the handle @ften.syfqah, went on Instagram to tell her side of the story

In an Instagram Story that has since disappeared, Faten related that the man deliberately came back to throw the drink at her.

At 7.30am, he drove into the lane and insisted to top up his card despite her explaining that it was not the right lane.

"He asked again and insisted that he read the signboard correctly before entering the lane," she wrote, to which she replied that he had to pay RM2 in cash.

He again demanded to reload his card. So, she asked him to park his car and walk a few lanes over to the top-up lane to do so.

She thought it was settled when he did and drove off.

However, almost two hours later, he returned with a packet full of iced MILO and said, "Next time, don't simply screw with people," and threw the drink at her.

Netizens poured into Faten's Instagram account to share their sympathy and reassurance for her

"Despicable. I hope you stay strong!" said a fellow Instagram user.

While another said, "Be patient, miss. There's CCTV footage, you'll get your revenge on this rude person soon."

This netizen said, "Regardless of the cause, it was definitely offensive to splash the toll collector."

Watch the video below:

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