Kid Apologises For Vomiting In Mosque With RM100 & A Handwritten Note

Locals were charmed by the boy's selfless act of admitting his mistake and donating in return.

Cover image via Malaysian Business Directory & Surau Putra Al-Amin (Facebook)

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A local mosque in Putrajaya took to their Facebook page after discovering a folded handwritten apology alongside a RM100 note in their donation box on 4 February

According to the post, a child seems to have scribbled that he vomited in the mosque, Surau Putra Al-Amin, a little while back.

Feeling guilty about the incident, he admitted to his mistake and pleaded for the mosque workers' forgiveness for making a mess on the floor.

"I write this note to apologise for my mistake. On 27 January, I accidentally vomited in the mosque due to food poisoning," wrote the child.

He intended to clean it up, but failed to do so when his father arrived, needing him to get in the car right away as they were causing a congestion on the road.

The boy hoped that the RM100 would help lighten the burden of the mosque officials who had to clean his vomit

"I hope the workers in the mosque will forgive me. I have listed my father's phone number and he has prepared some money in hopes of lightening the burden placed on the staff who had to clean my vomit," added the boy.

The mosque's Facebook post went viral, garnering comments that congratulated and praised the boy for his good morals.

The boy also received praise from the mosque itself, thanking him for his honesty

One user stepped forward commenting, "The boy from the story is my son and he has always been a good kid. I am proud of his independent actions."

"It's okay son...Vomit can be cleaned...Just like our hearts that must always remain clean," opined a user.

A comment also praised his efforts stating, "(The boy) is a noble example. This generation should practice good manners and a good style of language. This is exactly the integrity that we should all learn in school and practise in our daily lives."

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