King Gifts MACC Chief A Jar Of Honey And Tells Him To Go Catch "Bees"

The King symbolically passed a jar of honey to mark the end of his "honeymoon period".

Cover image via Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar (Facebook)

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His Majesty Sultan Ibrahim, the King of Malaysia, has gifted Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission chief Tan Sri Azam Baki a jar of honey to symbolise the end of the former's "honeymoon" period after ascending to the throne

However, the gift comes with an order to tackle the country's biggest threat: corruption.

As I have stressed before, my honeymoon is over. Now go catch the bees.
Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar

This symbolic gift was shared on the King's Facebook page today, 1 April

The King held an audience with Azam at Istana Negara earlier today. During the 30-minute meeting, they discussed the latest developments in MACC's efforts to combat corruption.

On 19 March, Sultan Ibrahim said he would implement his "true style of governance" after his honeymoon period ended.

"The honeymoon is nearly over. In less than two weeks, it will be almost two months since I ascended the throne.

"Once this honeymoon period is over, I will start my true style of overseeing the country as the Head of State," he said.

According to the New Straits Times, Sultan Ibrahim said he was not a statue to be worshipped or used as an ornament in ceremonies, or forced to follow every word and wish of ministers.

Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar became the 17th King on 31 January:

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