KL Robber Slashes Man With Parang After Attempting To Steal Phone

The victim suffered three slashes on his arms.

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A man shared on Facebook how he was recently attacked by a robber at a bus stop in Setapak, KL

At 10.30am on Tuesday, 14 January, Wong Kok Jian was at a bus stop near a business area, PV128.

While waiting for the bus to arrive, he decided to check his phone for a while.

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Just as he did that, someone holding a parang behind him yelled and grabbed the victim's left hand, which was holding the phone

"I saw him holding a parang but at that moment I was too stunned and just wanted to get rid of him and run," Wong told SAYS.

The suspect then allegedly swung the knife toward his head but the victim used his hand to block himself.

The robber was not able to steal his phone. However, the man suffered two slashes on his arm and one deep slash around his elbow.

He shared that thankfully, no serious veins or tendons were affected.

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Image from Facebook
Image via Facebook

"It all happened too fast. After I got rid of him, I ran towards a tyre shop a few metres away looking for help," he said, where one of the workers brought him to Columbia Asia hospital

The victim said that two men, who appeared to be police, came to the emergency room, took photos, and asked him some information about the robber.

After his wounds were cleaned, his uncle took him to Sunway Medical Centre where Wong had a minor operation done and was discharged the following day.

Image via Facebook

The victim urged the public to be careful when standing alone and to always be aware of your surroundings, especially during this festive season.

His Facebook post has since received over 4,000 shares.

You can read the post here:

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