Lembah Pantai MP Under Fire For Making Fun Of Run-Down Car On Twitter

Netizens are criticising Fahmi Fadzil for being classist and discriminatory.

Cover image via New Straits Times & Twitter @Fahmi_Fadzil

On Monday, 9 September, Lembah Pantai MP Fahmi Fadzil tweeted a photo of a run-down Proton Wira he had seen on the road

The now-deleted tweet was a conversation between him and two friends.

It roughly translates to:

A: This car looks like it went through a war.
B: It checks all the boxes.
Me [Him]: It doesn't check all the boxes, it's the bare minimum.

Netizens criticised the MP's tweet for being discriminatory and classist

One person claimed they knew the car's owner, adding, "That is my friend's car. He works as a GrabFood driver and takes care of his parents."

"We know your pay is very high but please don't laugh at other people who deal with poverty, YB."

Image via Twitter

Another person said, "This is not funny. You should apologise for making jokes out of the rakyat. For all you know, this is the car he uses for his children and for him to go to work. Maybe he got hit and run and he could not afford repairs. Shame on you."

Image via Twitter

"Rude! When it's near election day, you praise and suck up to people who own cars like this. Do you think you're the MP of Bangsar, around the Telawi area? You're the MP of Lembah Pantai and most of your voters are in the B40 group who drive cars like this. Stupid MP who doesn't realise his privilege," said another netizen.

Image via Twitter

Fahmi Fadzil has since deleted the tweet and apologised

"Earlier this evening (8 September), I tweeted about a car I stumbled upon. After reading through the replies and comments from netizens, I've sat down and gave it a lot of thought," he wrote.

"I admit, I should not have tweeted what I did and I would like to apologise. I should have been more sensitive."

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