Lost Dog Reunites With Her Owner In Seremban After Viral Video Shows Her Waiting Every Day

Rain or shine, the dog waited at the same spot for her owner to show up.

Cover image via @jimjimmie (TikTok) & Vaani (Provided to SAYS)

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A pet dog was reunited with her owner after a TikTok video went viral for capturing her standing in front of a shoplot in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, every day, rain or shine, as if she was waiting for someone

In the video with over 60,000 likes uploaded by @jimjimmie in December last year, the dog was seen waiting in the rain on Jalan Nusari Aman 3/1, Siliau, looking depressed.

Jim tried to persuade her to come over to his side as he had prepared some food for her, but she did not budge.

"Come here, dog... Come eat. Even if you don't want to eat, please stand under the shade here," Jim pleaded with the dog.

According to him, the owner of the restaurant, where the dog had been loitering, said she had been sitting idly in front of their shop for four days straight.

She only tottered over to Jim after a lot of persuasion, but she still looked dejected as she ate the food offered to her.

@jimjimmie Replying to @ciktarusma Kesetiaan yg tiada penghujung. kesian dia #anjingjalanan Kiss the Rain - Elise Bechstein

In an earlier video, the dog was also seen waiting in the rain while Jim, an animal lover who always uploads videos of himself feeding stray animals, asked her who she was waiting for.

Thanks to the virality of the videos with over 600,000 views combined, the owner of the dog stumbled upon the TikTok video and quickly reached out to Jim

Speaking to SAYS, Vaani said she and her family were in tears when they were finally reunited with her after eight dreadful months.

"I went there and called her name... we were all crying and hugging (our dog)," said Vaani, a 40-year-old mother from Melaka.

She said that they took the stray in about five years ago when she was just a baby, and named her Bairava.

Vaani said she was a stray who did not know how to fend for herself. Initially, her family wanted to release her back to the streets once she had grown into an adult.

But after six months under her care, Bairava continued to show signs that she could not fend for herself.

"She still didn't know anything. If she fell into a drain, she wouldn't know how to get back up," the mother said while chuckling. 

Pitying her, Vaani decided to adopt the dog and make her officially part of their family

The mother took care of her for over four years, and around April last year, she fell sick.

"My hometown is in Melaka and I wanted to go back to rest and recover. I was afraid that if I went back to my hometown, nobody would take care of Bairava," she told SAYS when contacted.

"So my husband told me that he would take care of her by placing her at the back of his company. He told me to heal my body before I came back (to Seremban). So I went home for a month."

It was during her absence that Bairava went missing. Vaani said her husband had to head to Penang for work for a day during the period, and had asked his friend for help to feed Bairava.

"So, the friend gave food to Bairava, but he forgot to close the gate properly. It was raining and it was Hari Raya, so there were firecrackers. Thus, she ran out (of the company's compound)," she recounted.

"When my husband came back at 1am to look for her, she was already gone."

Vaani said she and her family were devastated by the news of Bairava going missing, stressing that she cried for an entire month

"I walked around the neighbourhood while screaming her name for a month. But I never saw her," she said.

"People in the neighbourhood knew me, some even asked why I was being so loud."

Vaani said she slowly accepted the fact that she had lost Bairava after a month-long search, trying to come to terms that she may have died in a car accident or been taken away by someone.

But in December last year, her sister stumbled upon Jim's video and Vaani was sure that it was Bairava in the footage.

Hence, they drove to the area near Sendayan, which was about 4km away from the location she was lost, to reunite with Bairava.

Vaani suspected that Bairava may have been taken away by the authorities before being placed at the shoplot because she had been neutered.

She added that Bairava went missing on 10 May 2022 and was reunited with her at the end of last year.

"Bairava is super manja (pampered). She likes to sleep with the kids and rarely makes noise," Vaani described her furbaby, adding that she was blessed to be able to welcome her into the family again.

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