M'sian Calls Out His Neighbour For Smearing Soil On His Windshield

Other neighbours have urged him to make a police report as they claim the woman has done it many times before.

Cover image via @macustan0 (TikTok)

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Recently, an upset man showed his dissatisfaction in a video after his neighbour put soil all over his car windshield

The man uploaded the clip on TikTok where he showed the state of his car covered in soil.

In the almost two-minute video, he said that his neighbour could have just told him to move his car, as he had placed his phone number on the dashboard in case his car got in anyone's way.

"They could have just given me a call (to move the car), instead of putting a pile of soil all over my car like this," the man said in a frustrated tone in the video.


Geng kalau korang kena macam ni kita nak buat report ke tak apa manusia laa

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Other than soil, he also found a note left on his car by another neighbour informing him of the alleged culprit

The neighbour implied that the woman did not favour him parking in front of her house, hence, she smeared left soil on his car.

It is understood that she has done it several times before, which made the neighbour urge him to file a police report over her reckless behaviour.

The letter he received from his neighbour.

Image via macustan0 (TikTok)

Netizens were on the fence over the incident, with some finding an issue with where he parked, while others said the woman should not have resorted to such measures

Many TikTok users also shared their own experience of encountering the same situation with their neighbours, and suggested some solutions to avoid such commotions.

"Install a camera. When you have proof, file a report. Set a trap, bro," said a user.

Someone else said, "My neighbours also keep parking in front of my house, even though the roads are very narrow. Each one of them owns two to three cars. Sometimes my husband can't even get out because they park right in front of my gate." 

Another advised, "Don't park at the corner of the road. It's dangerous at night."

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